We found Lauren's date - 'solar system' Josh - from Celebs Go Dating!

Celebs Go Dating can have you in tears one minute and in stitches the next.

Series 7, so far, has provided both but with the voiceover of comedian Rob Beckett, it’s been more like stitches for the most part.

Megan Barton Hanson and Lauren Goodger both shed some tears during episode 4 but things perked up for them both once they went on another date.

TOWIE legend Lauren was set up with Brummie hunk Josh and mistook his job title for a ‘solar system installer’. Nevertheless, we’ve now found him on Instagram!

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Josh – Channel 4

Who is Josh from Celebs Go Dating?

Twenty-eight-year-old Josh hails from Birmingham and took part in episode 4 of Celebs G0 Dating.

Lauren’s date described himself as a solar panel fitter and actor, then later showed off his other talents of MC-ing.

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He devoted a fair few lines to Lauren citing her hips and curves in his rap. And surprisingly, rather than dissing Josh, Lauren seemed pretty impressed by his confidence.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Josh – Channel 4

Lauren and Josh’s date

Things didn’t get off to the best start for Lozza during episode 4.

On the way to her date, she said: “So, the date that I’m going on, he’s a solar system fitter and his name’s Tom, so I’m gonna go with the flow”.

Narrator Rob Beckett joked: “Man like Josh with the no-sleeve flex” as Josh’s application video played out on-screen.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Josh – Channel 4

Rocking up looking chic-as-ever in zebra print, Lauren immediately said that Josh wasn’t her type – but as the agents advised – didn’t cut him off straight away.

The pair chit-chatted about his acting career and how he normally gets chosen for the role of a policeman.

And things ended well with Lauren stating that he was “really easy to talk to” and “quite alright actually”, so it looks like date number two could be on the cards for the pair!

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Josh – Channel 4

Josh Mann on Instagram

The Jack-of-all-trades, from MC-ing to solar panel fitting, is on Instagram as @iamjoshmann.

From the looks of Josh’s Insta – which is 1,500 followers strong – he’s a real family man, with a whole host of talents under his belt from promoting to DJ-ing.

He took to Instagram on August 9th to thank Lauren as well as the viewers for watching and Celebs Go Dating for the opportunity.

The 29-year-old said: “Lauren Goodger I can’t thank you anuff you are beautiful and amazing in every way and a huge thank you to you guys for watching!”.




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