We love the Buy It Now for Christmas card game - get Nine 2 Nothing here!

Rylan Clark-Neal has been all over our screens this year, from his Supermarket Sweep hosting gig to co-presenting Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two with Zoë Ball. And now, Rylan is tackling Christmas!

Buy It Now for Christmas landed on Channel 4 on Thursday, November 28th.

The series sees inventors pitch their products to retailers and Christmas shoppers, hoping to make it big at the biggest shopping time of the year.

Already, the first episode has seen successes across the board. But it was young entrepreneur who really captured everyone’s attention with her card game.

Screenshot: Buy It Now for Christmas 2019 E1 – 4oD

Who is Summer?

Summer is a 9-year-old games entrepreneur who wowed in the first episode of Buy It Now for Christmas.

She founded her number sequencing card game two years ago while on holiday in Turkey. Claiming to be bored of games such as Uno, Summer decided to make her own!

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Summer appeared on the Channel 4 show with her 42-year-old dad, Mark who had helped her create the game.

Mark said: “At first I presumed it would be another rubbishy game a kid would come up with. But then we sat down and played it and it was kind of fun!”

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What is Summer’s card game?

The game Summer created is called Nine 2 Nothing. It can be played by all ages for groups between two and six players.

Initially, all players are dealt nine cards and the youngest player goes first. You work down from nine to zero and if you cannot play, you pick up.

The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.

But the simple fun of the game wasn’t all that drew the potential buys to Nine 2 Nothing. As they donate a pack to a children’s charity for every pack sold, the giving spirit of Christmas was really felt in the studio.

Where can you buy Nine 2 Nothing?

Amazon Launchpad ordered 5,000 units of Nine 2 Nothing on Buy It Now for Christmas, so you can order the card game there for just £7.99.

As the Lakeland buyer placed an order for 1,000 units, you can also buy the game for the same price through their website. It is unconfirmed whether Lakeland stocks Nine 2 Nothing in stores.

Finally, your third option is to buy through JML’s website, who also placed 1,000 orders.




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