What are the rules of Hunted UK? How much do they win? Has anyone won the Channel 4 series?

Channel 4 series Hunted airs every Thursday and follows 10 British civilians on the run who must hide without leaving a trail behind themselves.

A team of detectives has the mission to find the contestants using various investigative methods. Some of them are former police officers, others are ex-intelligence agents.

But what are the rules of the Channel 4 show? How much do contestants win if they succeed to get away? And has any contestant won the series before?

Hunter Peter Bleksley with Ben Owen and Zoe Spinner.

Hunted UK: Rules

The rules of Hunted UK sound easy, but things always get challenging when there’s a team of highly-skilled investigators looking for them.

The civilians must hide for about a month without leaving the UK. They are allowed to take anything they can carry with themselves such as food and outdoor equipment.

Each contestant has a bank account with £250 in it, which can be tracked back down to them if they ever use it.

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Once the civilians are out on the run, the detectives receive their personal details and profile images. They can also use security cameras to locate the whereabouts of the hunted contestants.

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Zoe Spinner with HQ Hunters

How much do contestants win?

The grand prize on Hunted is £100k. If there’s only one winner, then he or she can leave the show with the whole sum.

But if there are more winners, the money is equally split between each one of them.

Has anyone won the Channel 4 series?

Yes, civilians have managed to beat the hunters in earlier series!

In the first-ever UK series in 2015, there were four winners – Lauren English, Emily Dredge, Stephen Hardiker and Martin Cole. Each one of them scooped £25k.

Series 2 (2016) was won by Nick Cummings and Ayo Adesina who took £50k each.

In series 3 (2018), there were four winners – Daniel Murphy, Joseph Appleton, father and son Bob and Alex Ayling.

The 2019 series was the first edition when the contestants were successfully hunted down and the hunters managed to beat them.

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