Lateysha Grace has partnered up with former X Factor star Honey G for Celebrity Coach Trip, leaving Channel 4 viewers curious about how much she’s worth since her The Valleys and Million Dollar Baby appearance.

The reality TV competition sees celebrities travel the globe on a coach, while taking part in a series of tasks. During each episode, a pair are eliminated, while the rest get to keep their seats.

Hoping to win the ultimate 2022 crown, Lateysha Grace and Honey G are now working together as they spend three weeks in Braga, Portugal. But how much is Lateysha worth these days?

Reality Titbit has all the details on her fortune, life after The Valleys and net worth…

Lateysha Grace, Celebrity Coach Trip. Picture: Channel 4

What is Lateysha Grace’s net worth?

Lateysha Grace is worth an estimated $1million in 2022. Since her first TV debut on The Valleys from 2012 to 2014, she ventured onto a series of reality shows, including Big Brother two years later.

Before fame, she worked as an accounts administrator, a hairdresser, and in a fish and chip shop.

She is now a TV personality and owner of children’s clothing business Baby on Trend.

Her success since The Valleys

Lateysha has been in the public eye since the age of 19, so it’s safe to say she’s used to having cameras in front of her face. Halfway through her debut on The Valleys, in 2013, she began selling an online fashion range.

Then in April 2014, Grace released her first single, “You Beautiful”, featuring D-Jukes. Just four years later, rumors spread that rapper Fredo wanted to spoil her on Valentine’s Day but she is thought to have ignored him.

A year later, Lateysha released her autobiography, titled Valleywood. In the book, she claimed that the downfall of her initial song was due to jealousy, writing:

It could have been a classic hit but they still wouldn’t have admitted they liked it because none of the other housemates had anything substantial going on in their lives.

By 2016, she had entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and although was not nominated for eviction, was eliminated as part of an “Annihilation Week” twist during the series.

Four years later, her reality TV stint was in full swing again, on Celebrity Ex on the Beach, and now, Celebrity Coach Trip!

Lateysha on Million Dollar Baby

After her stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Lateysha increased her net worth by trying to raise £1million for her daughter Wynter. The journey was documented on MTV series Million Dollar Baby in 2018.

Lateysha, her business partners and friends all came together to help raise the money, which is when she launched her Baby on Trend, a children’s clothing brand.

She aimed to “give her daughter the life she deserves” by taking part in photoshoots and mummy-baby brand partnerships, but the series got some backlash from viewers who thought she was using Wynter for money.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Lateysha defended herself and said:

Everything I’m doing is all with good intentions behind it. Growing up, I didn’t have a good life. My mum was a single mum-of-five and she struggled, we struggled, and I didn’t get to do the things that my friends were doing. Everything I’m doing is for her, every bit of money we make goes into her savings.

The star is now pregnant with her second child, as her Celebrity Coach Trip debut airs.



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