Married At First Sight UK is back for a new series, but the question on everyone’s minds is how successful the relationships are…

Viewers are now wondering what the success rate behind the Channel 4 show truly is. With relationship experts on hand to match two singletons together, they aim to help each of them have a successful marriage.

It is certainly an unusual method to meet someone, especially as they get married as soon as they lay eyes on each other for the first time. So what is the success rate for the UK show? We put 2-and-2 together – literally!

michelle and owen married at first sight
The Wedding of Michelle and Owen – Married at First Sight – CPL Production and Channel 4 – UK. Picture Publicist: Carl Palmer. Photographer: Indigo Wild Studio – Simon Johns

What is the Married At First Sight UK success rate?

  • 0/12

Taking all 4 previous series into consideration, none of the 12 couples have stayed together. This doesn’t account for the two couples taking part in series 5, which is currently airing in the UK.

While 7 couples have since divorced, 2 of them have separated after participating in Married At First Sight. While the series dates back to 2015, 2 of them did not go through with the marriage in the first place, and 1 couple had theirs annulled!

Fans discuss MAFS success rate

Viewers have found out which couples have stayed together from previous series – none of them!

One fan wrote: “Love ‘Married at First Sight’ and it’s 0% success rate.”

Another said: “The show with the most couple success is 90 Day Fiance. The least success is Married At First Sight.”

However some have backed the show, saying they would participate themselves.

One Twitter user said: “Y’all don’t give Married At First Sight enough credit… I’d do it. They really take care of the couples and want success.”

Another wrote: “Married at First Sight love this show. I do believe there can be success stories.”

What is the success rate for MAFS Australia?

While Married At First Sight UK hasn’t had much luck so far, the Australia-based and US version of the show has had some successful happy endings!

In the USA show’s history, 9 out of 39 couples have remained married. While on the Australia-based series, 4 out of 60 couples are either married or still together.

According to Closer, the success rate never goes above 25% across all the UK, USA and Australia – and this is only taking into account the first six months, let alone the first six years of the relationship!

One of the successful couples of Married At First Sight Australia are Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr.



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