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What time is The Great British Bake Off on tonight? Episode guide for Channel 4 series!

The Great British Bake Off finally returns on our screens to offer escapism and comfort during those challenging times. So what time is it tonight? Start date and episode guide explained.

The Channel 4 series was one of many TV productions that was affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Bake Off was initially planned to kick off from August this year but it was postponed to start in September.

Nevertheless, the nation’s favourite cooking competition is back now, so what time does it start tonight, September 22nd?

Matt, Prue, Paul and Noel…NOTE: All Bake Off imagery was taken following production guidelines.

What time is The Great British Bake Off on tonight?

  • Bake Off is scheduled to return on Channel 4 on Tuesday, September 22nd at 8 pm.

However, there might be a slight delay to tonight’s episode as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to address the nation at that time. Therefore, the first episode is believed to start shortly after the PM’s statement.

The cooking competition returns to its usual timeslot on Tuesdays and will air between 8 and 9.30 pm.

The series normally starts in August and airs its finale at the end of October, however, the show’s schedule has been affected by the pandemic this year.

As listed by Radio Times, this year’s series has ten episodes in total. Given that the show airs without any disruptions or delays, Bake Off 2020 finale is expected to air sometime in November.

The Great British Bake Off in the US

Bake Off has some exciting news for its devoted fans across the pond – the show will be available on Netflix US!

Viewers in the US will be able to watch weekly episodes of the 2020 series every Friday on the streaming site.

The first episode of this year’s season lands on Netflix US on Friday, September 25th.

How was Bake Off filmed this year?

Despite the ongoing pandemic situation, Bake Off bosses managed to bring the nation’s favourite cooking series back on our screens.

Speaking to Broadcast, the show’s producers explained that their crew of 120 people had to live in a self-contained biosphere for six weeks.

“So many people rely on Bake Off for work that we knew we had to work out a plan,” said Kieran Smith, creative director at Love Productions.

“We had to work out ways to the hotel so people wouldn’t need to use any public toilets,” managing director Letty Kavanagh added. “Moving people around in a sterile manner was the hardest thing.”




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