Celebs Go Dating 2022 is officially back on screens, leaving the question of how and when the E4 series was filmed. You may be wondering whether the cast had to isolate and if restaurants were open for set-ups…

Anna Williamson and Paul Brunson are there to lead the celebrities along the way, as they try to find their match and guide them through tear-jerking therapy sessions for Season 10.

From Made in Chelsea‘s Miles Nazaire to rapper Abz Love, there are several well-known stars featuring on this year’s series. For those wondering, we have the lowdown on isolation measures and when filming took place.

Channel 4 – Countdown – New Host Anne Robinson

Channel 4 – Countdown – New Host Anne Robinson

When was Celebs Go Dating 2022 filmed?

The 2022 series of Celebs Go Dating began filming in October 2021. This year, the celebrities won’t be staying in a mansion like they did during Season 9, and will be back to visiting the office for chats instead.

However the finale had to be halted for filming until 2022, due to the concerns about the Omicron variant. Just a couple of days before the first episode aired, Jessika Power shared a photo of her look for the final episode.

So filming only just about wrapped up a few days ago, taking around three months to complete. Each season usually begins to get the cameras out around three months ahead of its air date, so that clips can be edited together.

Did the Season 10 celebrities have to isolate?

Yes, some celebrities had to go into isolation during Season 10 filming. Following a case of Covid-19 in December 2021, a few of the cast members for 2022 had to stay at home and follow government guidelines.

While it has not been confirmed who these celebrities were, The Sun reported that four of them were temporarily unable to film following the coronavirus case.

A source told the publication:

It’s chaos. One of the celebs caught Covid and was filming with at least three of the other stars, meaning they’re all out of the game for a while now. It’s a worry for producers because, as with most shows, they’re on a very tight schedule, but the health and safety of the cast and crew is obviously their top priority.”

In a separate report by The Express, Ulrika Jonsson delayed getting her Covid booster amid fears ahead of filming a new show, as she was worried it could affect her work performance.

Where is the Celebs Go Dating office?

The agency is a real office in London, but its exact location has not been disclosed. Season 9 was completely different, as celebrities and their dates lived together in a mansion, situated in Mill Lane, Chiddingfold, in Surrey.

However, Season 10 goes back to its usual Celebs Go Dating agency in central London.

In 2018, the Camden New Journal reported that Camden Council approved plans for the show to be filmed in Holborn via paperwork published by the council.

Anna Williamson told The Express:

What you see on-screen is absolutely legit. I mean, we’re not there all the time, but when we condense time in for filming we’re there […] it’s very much an active dating agency.



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