Where are Andrew and Sharon from Britain's Fattest People now? Post-filming Channel 4 updates!

Andrew’s weight loss journey is followed on Channel 4’s Britain’s Fattest People – and we caught up with how he is doing now.

His wife Sharon was affected by Andrew’s weight, as she got frustrated at how they were barely able to leave the house.

In the latest Britain’s Fattest People episode, the couple are revisited, to see how they are doing following their first appearance on the Channel 4 series.

So, where are Andrew and Sharon now? Has he been able to keep the weight off since getting bariatric surgery?

AH in door- holding too big trousers. Picture: Channel 4

Who are Andrew and Sharon?

Andrew and Sharon Hill are a couple living in the Cotswolds.

Formerly weighing 37 stone, Andrew was barely able to leave home.

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His wife Sharon used to feel shut inside, and had become frustrated at how his weight was impacting their lives.

They have both undergone bariatric surgery to regain their freedom.

Sharon had initially weighed 48 stone, and they were reportedly Britain’s fattest couple, at 85 stone between them.

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Andrew and Sharon’s Channel 4 journey

As they both wanted to become parents, they decided to lose weight.

In 2014, Sharon had bariatric surgery when she weighed 48 stone, which led to later losing 18 stone and getting a social life again.

During the series, Andrew was seen eating carbs and was unable to leave the house, but managed to lose four stone in three weeks!

He was initially taking in 6,000 calories a day and couldn’t help Sharon with household chores due to his weight.

Andrew also suffered from high blood pressure, sleep apnea and cellulitis.

After being approved for surgery, which involved a lead-up of 800 calories a day, Andrew lost 10 stone, and lost 30 centimetres from his chest.

Where are Andrew and Sharon now?

Andrew is now more active than ever, feels happier and healthier, and has returned to work again.

Since surgery, Andrew and wife Sharon have travelled to the United States.

Looking at his Twitter, he claims he is “still fat but not as fat as before”.

They both seem as loved up and happy as ever, with their latest picture together taken at the beginning of January 2021.

As far as we can see, it doesn’t look like the couple have fulfilled their dream of having any children yet.



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