Where are Paige and Sally on Gogglebox? Absence explained

Where are Paige and Sally on Gogglebox? Absence explained

Viewers may be waiting for mum-daughter duo Paige and Sally to make their usual hilarious Gogglebox comments, but they are not appearing.

It comes after Paige Deville revealed she has “walked away” from the Channel 4 show, which sees families make remarks on television and films.

Paige and her mum have brought the banter and hilarious comments from their very own sofa for a while, but their exit has now been confirmed.

For those wondering exactly where Paige and her mum are, and the reason behind their departure, Reality Titbit has the lowdown.

Where are Paige and Sally on Gogglebox?

Paige and Sally have left the show, and will not be on the latest season.

After coming back on Channel 4 on September 17th, they were nowhere to be seen, and will no longer be seen giving commentary from their sofa.

Paige is now likely focusing on her own business, as the director of Palm Recruitment and No. 19 Locks N Lashes.

Sally, 53, also spends her career caring for the disabled and elderly.

The Sun reported that Paige now has “nothing to do” with mum Sally, but the daughter of the Gogglebox duo first said it was due to restrictions.

Why did Paige and Sally leave Gogglebox?

Paige revealed she left due to “long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions, and zero aftercare support”.

However, she has since told The Sun that her mum Sally quit the show first.

When her mum said she would no longer film Gogglebox, she was invited to work with another family member, but she didn’t want to.

She told Birmingham Live:

There have been problems within the family and my mum was given an ultimatum. The decision means I have nothing to do with her now. I think the decision is irreversible. It is very sad but that’s life unfortunately.

Other Gogglebox stars missed by fans

Pete McGarry, Mary Cook and Andy Michael passed away in 2021. This follows the passing of June Bernicoff, who died in May 2020.

This led to the confirmation of family members and friends Linda McGarry, Marina Wingrove, and Louis, Alex and Carolyn Michael deciding to exit.

However, it might not be goodbye forever, as producers say the family members are welcome to return if and when they wish.

Earlier this year, Tom Junior left his family The Malones to continue on Gogglebox without him for new opportunities, after six and a half years.

Steph and Dom Parker are one couple who announced they were leaving Gogglebox in October 2016, to move on to other projects.

Another former star Chris Butland-Steed left his then-partner Stephen Webb to carry on without him on the show, to pursue opportunities in 2018.



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