Fans of Grand Designs: The Street got more than just an architectural feast in episode 4 (Thursday, April 25th), as drama unfolded between Roxie and Chris.

After completing their unique and experimental Box House, cracks between the couple began to show and by the end of the programme Roxie was nowhere to be seen.

So what happened to Chris and Roxie? Where are the couple now and did the self-build project really break them up?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Grand Designs: My Grand Designs: – Episode 4

Meet Roxie and Chris…

Roxie Ford (27) and Chris Haines (28) are a couple from Hertfordshire, who self-built their first property together.

After falling for each other in a Drama GCSE class, these childhood sweethearts were set to be married.

Creative Chris is an artist, illustrator and designer. He graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL with an MA in Urban Design in 2014, so he definitely knew what to do with the house!

However, Roxie was the financial backbone of the project, saving up for the house for years working with Waitrose & Partners.

Roxie and Chris on Grand Designs: What happened?

Viewers were quick to spot cracks in their relationship.

Things quickly went south between the pair after Chris admitted on the show:

I’ve started not telling Rox certain things, and that’s starting to really show, because she’s become more aware that I’m keeping things from her and that’s started to put a real strain on our relationship.

Chris in the finished house, but no sign of Roxie.

Where are Roxie and Chris now?

After the show aired, Chris claimed he watched it in Hong Kong… but no mention of Roxie.

Although we can’t say if these two have sorted out their relationship problems, things didn’t look like they were going well for the couple.

Roxie even expressed her doubts about the relationship before she vanished from the Channel 4 show:

It’s been on my mind every day… It was before the house.

Roxie, E4.

Best Twitter reactions!

Fans of the show were desperate to find out what had gone down between Chris and Roxie.

Chris has made his Instagram profile, @haineschris_ private, so it is hard to say whether he is still with his wife to be.

Here are some of the best reactions to episode 4.


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