Where does Joe Lycett live? Got Your Back kitchen doesn't 2019 extension

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back concluded its second series on Friday, May 29th, with the last two episodes featuring clips of Joe “working from home.”

As Joe has shared snaps of his home online, many viewers were confused, as the house featured in the Channel 4 series looked nothing like the one we’ve seen on social media. It got some viewers asking if Joe had even moved homes.

So, where does Joe Lycett live?

Find out about Joe’s real house and more about the Got Your Back filming location here.

Screenshot: Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back S2 E8 – 4oD

Where does Joe Lycett live?

Comedian and TV presenter Joe Lycett lives in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Joe grew up in Birmingham and attended the King Edward VI Five Ways School.

He’s proud of his home-city and it looks like Joe’s not going anywhere; there’s no moving to the Big Smoke on the cards!

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Got Your Back fans talk Joe’s kitchen

The subject of Joe’s kitchen was raised during the last two episodes of Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, as his ‘home’ featured on the show looked very different to the one we have seen on social media.

Photos of Joe’s kitchen extension emerged back in 2019, as he got the now-former Lord Mayor of Birmingham to officially open his kitchen extension.

Yes, there were ticket sales, a ribbon cutting and all, just so Joe could get a plaque for his wall!

From the pictures we’ve seen of Joe Lycett’s kitchen, the kitchen on Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back looks to be an entirely different one. This then led fans to the belief that Joe doesn’t actually film in his home, despite continually telling viewers in the episode he is “working from home.”

This image below is what Joe’s real kitchen looks like.

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Where is Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back filmed?

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back is usually filmed in the h Club (formerly The Hospital Club), which is located on 24 Endell Street, London WC2H 9HQ.

This is where Joe films his studio audience segments, with the investigations taking him across the country.

It is unconfirmed exactly where Joe Lycett filmed the last two episodes of series 2, but it definitely wasn’t in his real home. It is most likely that Channel 4 rented out a property as a set, as they do on cooking shows or other shows intended to have the ‘at home’ look.





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