London, UNITED KINGDOM: The logo of Britain's Channel 4 television station is pictured at the company's headquarters in central London, 18 January 2007. Carphone Warehouse, the main backer of Channel 4's reality television show 'Celebrity Big Brother,' pulled its support Thursday as complaints about alleged racist bullying spiralled and criticism mounted. Mobile communications retailer the Carphone Warehouse said it had told broadcaster Channel 4 to remove its name and branding from the programme with immediate effect, saying it did not want to be associated with it. But Channel 4 chief executive Andy Duncan said Thursday they "could not say with certainty" that the comments directed at 31-year-old Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty were racist or whether they stemmed from "broader cultural or social differences". And he rejected calls for the show to be pulled off air. AFP PHOTO/CARL DE SOUZA (Photo credit should read CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

Where has E4 gone on Freeview? How do you get the channel back?

E4 is the home of many of our favourite shows, Made in Chelsea and First Dates just to name a few!

And so when the channel mysteriously disappeared on the Freeview schedule, viewers were sent into a panic.

But never fear as we have the answers for you!

Read on to find out where E4 has gone on Freeview and how to get back on track with all your favourite shows…

The logo of Britain’s Channel 4 television station is pictured at the company’s headquarters in central London.

Where has E4 gone on Freeview?

As of 11 am on Monday, May 13th, Freeview has juggled around their channels.

That means you won’t be finding E4 where you’d expect it on channel 28 but now on channel 13!

The channels affected by this switch include E4, E4+1, Film4, More4, Channel 4+1 and 4Music. Read more about where the channels have all moved to here.

Rich in Bollywood | Official Trailer | Prime Video

How do I return it to how it used to be?

Looking to return to your old set-up?

If you were used to having E4 on channel 28, you can always retune your Freeview box. Find out more about retuning your Freeview box here.

But retuning didn’t always sort out the issue, leaving many fans frustrated with the change.

Catch up with any episodes you may have missed because of the change on the Channel 4 catch-up service 4oD.

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