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Where is Austin on First Dates 2021? Former waiter is nowhere to be seen!

Austin will not be featured on the 16th series of First Dates, despite usually being a main waiter on the Channel 4 show. So where is he?

Both Austin Ventour and Laura Tott are not set to appear on the new First Dates series, which launches on Tuesday January 19th.

Instead, there will be new staff members in their place, as well as a new bartender alongside Merlin – and it is all set in a brand new restaurant.

So where is Austin? Will he ever be returning to First Dates?

Screen Shot: Austin – First Dates, C4

Why is Austin not on First Dates 2021?

  • It has not been revealed exactly why Austin left First Dates

However, it is likely that he could not move up to Manchester from London for filming, due to his role as a supervisor at Platform Exp in Shoreditch.

He has not revealed why he won’t be on First Dates this year, but announced the news in a response to a fan’s comment on Instagram.

Austin said that he “won’t be there unfortunately”, adding that “some of the other staff will be”, underneath the post in November 2020.

Judging by Laura Tott’s Instagram post, it may be because the First Dates production team wanted to add new staff members to the show this year.

What is Austin doing instead?

Austin has a baby girl on the way with his fiancé Katie Moore, so he may have decided to leave the show for this reason.

It is likely that she is due at around the same time of the show being aired.

He proposed to Katie in the Philippines at the beginning of 2020, at around the same time that they found out they were having a baby.

He also hopes to become a full-time DJ at some point, and has already been mixing the decks for a while.

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Will Austin be returning to First Dates?

  • It has not been confirmed if Austin will return

Unlike his on-screen colleague Laura, who said she will hopefully be returning to the series, he has announced that he won’t be there when the team move up to Manchester.

The First Dates waiter hasn’t mentioned anything about coming back.

So, it’s looking like Austin will be settling down as a new father, and may no longer have the time to film for First Dates.



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