Bake Off 2021 has officially come to a close, crowning Guiseppe as the winner of this year’s competition. His dad made a final appearance.

When his name was called out as the winner, Guiseppe’s father couldn’t help but throw in a huge slice of support for his inspirational son.

In fact, we found out that Guiseppe and his dad have been writing a book together. Already, fans are eager to get their hands on the cook book.

We got down to the icing and found out if the book has been finished, where Guiseppe and his dad are now, and what his father’s job is…

Where is Guiseppe and his dad now?

Guiseppe is now working in Milan. While he has not revealed what he is doing there, fans hope he is expanding his hobby as an Italian baker.

While living in Bristol with his wife and three sons previously, he was a chief engineer, so it is possible he has taken that job abroad.

Living in Milan, Italy, means that Guiseppe is more able to pay regular visits to his mother and father, who are over the moon he won Bake Off.

Looking at his Facebook, Guiseppe has been sightseeing and having Italian dinners with friends, as of October 2021.

Le serate con gli amici. Quelle belle! ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Giuseppe Dell'Anno on Saturday, October 16, 2021

What does Guiseppe’s father do?

Guiseppe’s love for baking comes from his father, a professional chef.

He did all the cooking at home while Giuseppe was growing up as a child, including making a cake for the family every Sunday.

Currently, Guiseppe said he is going through a “really hard time” health-wise, so it is possible his father may have stopped cooking.

Can you buy their book yet?

No, Guiseppe and his father plan on writing a recipe book together, but have not yet released it. Bake Off revealed they are planning to write it.

It is not known if they have actually started putting pen to paper yet, but it’s likely his father – and Guiseppe – have several recipes up their sleeves!

Realistically, the cook book is unlikely to be released until a year’s time.

Most Bake Off winners write a book for fans, such as 2020 King Peter Sawkins, who wrote and released ‘Peter Bakes‘ in October.



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