Channel 4 is here with a brand new show ready to broaden everyone’s horizons.

Drag SOS kicks off from Tuesday, June 25th at 10 pm.

The drag collective is taking on people from the UK to transform and enlighten.

The group have been compared to Queer Eye’s Fab Five, but these queens are slightly different.

So where is Drag SOS filmed? Here’s the show’s location and more…

Channel 4 – Drag SOS

Where is Drag SOS filmed?

Drag SOS sees UK Drag collective the Family Gorgeous teach the show’s participants how to unleash their inner diva.

The collective travels all over the country making over people and bringing out their inner confidence.

Costume specialist Liquorice Black helps 21-year-old student Nico become more confident during episode 1.

The show will see the Family Gorgeous visit people from all over Britain including Ipswich, Scarborough, Dover, Dudley and more.

Where do the Family Gorgeous come from?

The drag queens are based in Manchester, England – they’re locally known as #manchesterqueens.

The Family Gorgeous is made up of Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, Liquorice Black and more.

The show’s recruits should be ready to let give a drag performance like no other by the end of the episode in front of their friends and family.


The head of the family, Cheddar, wants to spread the word that everyone can benefit from drag.

He works as university anthropologist by day and drag queen by night. And said: “Whether you’re male, female, straight or gay, old or young, drag is all about finding your most glamorous route to self-confidence. We all have a past, our own stories and drag is the most fabulous way to celebrate ourselves.”

Buy tickets to the Cha Cha Boudoir

The group live in Manchester where they host the monthly Cha Cha Boudoir.

If you fancy heading down to Machester to see the Family Gorgeous in action then you can!

Buy tickets to their shows at

You can follow the event and stay up to date on Facebook here.

The events are for anyone 18 and over and usually begin around 11 pm.

(L-R) Astina Mandella, Cheddar Gorgeous, Lill, Anna Phylactic, Tete Bang, Abby and Nico.



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