First Dates at Christmas is back for its annual December special, airing on the 23rd. So where is it filmed? When did they film the festive ep?

A group of singletons will be sitting down to get to know each other for the Channel 4 dating series, but in a different location than usual.

Some viewers might also wonder when filming took place for First Dates at Christmas 2020, considering the UK coronavirus restrictions.

So here’s when the episode was filmed, and where the dates took place…

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Where is First Dates at Christmas filmed?

  • The Wellington Arms in Baughurst, Hampshire

First Dates is usually filmed at Paternoster Chop House in central London.

However, the Christmas special is heading back to the countryside this year, where they filmed 2019’s festive episode.

The First Dates Christmas 2020 is filmed at a country pub named The Wellington Arms in Baughurst, north Hampshire.

The award-winning pub also has a bed and breakfast hotel – one of the date-goers in the Christmas 2020 episode suggests heading there!

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When was First Dates at Christmas filmed?

It is not known exactly when First Dates at Christmas was filmed.

Just one week ago, The Wellington Arms posted the cast filming at the pub, so it may have been filmed very recently – but this has not been confirmed.

However, the latest First Dates series was filmed long before it was aired, with some stars revealing that their dates took place in 2018.

According to James’ Facebook profile, who appears on the episode, he has been in a relationship with a girl named Claudia since around April 2020.

So, judging by his new relationship with a girl who isn’t on the series, First Dates at Christmas 2020 may have been filmed before April this year!

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First Dates at Christmas 2020: What to expect

There are several people meeting for the first time on First Dates Christmas.

One of the dates includes 28-year-old Holly, who goes on a date with 32-year-old Shane. They are just one pair who meet on the episode.

She opened up to him about being on two dates since her ex, who she was with for 7 years, and he said he had been hit by a car during a date before.

Shane and Holly’s date led to a kiss, and then another date. So *spoiler alert*, it looks like she found the plus one she was looking for!

It will follow the usual First Dates format, as Fred Sirieix and his team welcome and serve those taking part.

From start to finish, the success – or fails – of the dates are captured on camera, and at the end, we get to see which of them decided to meet again.

The waiters and waitresses appearing on this year’s festive special is Grant Urquhart, Austin Ventour, Cici Coleman, Laura Tott and Merlin Griffiths.



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