Where is Inside Missguided filmed? Manchester headquarter location explored

A brand new documentary series following Britain’s fastest growing fashion brand Missguided is coming to Channel 4.

Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the people behind the brand; the designers, models, photographers and campaign managers. The series will also look at how Missguided rocketed from zero turnover to over £200 million a year, becoming one of the world’s biggest fast fashion brands and online retailers.

Although we’re well aware from the show’s title that the brand is proudly from Manchester, we’re sure many viewers will want to know more about where the Missguided HQ really is. Find out where Inside Missguided is filmed here.


Inside Missguided on Channel 4

Inside Missguided will offer the Channel 4 team a unique experience to go behind-the-scenes at their ideas factory, their headquarters.

It will also tell the tale of how Nitin Passi founded the brand, and made his way onto The Sunday Times Rich List. Nitin is now worth a crazy £250 million, all off of the back of Missguided’s success.

Although Missguided has a male founder, the fashion brand is predominantly led by an all-female team. From the head of brand and campaign manager to the lead designers, Missguided is totally led by women!

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Where is Inside Missguided filmed?

  • Trafford Park, Manchester

The brand was previously based in Salford, where the BBC’s and plenty other TV productions headquarters now are. In 2015, the Missguided team upgraded their offices from the Salford base to Trafford Park.

You can find the headquarters at 75 Trafford Wharf Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 1ES.

More on Missguided’s headquarters

When they upgraded the headquarters to Trafford Park, they created a drool-worthy new working environment.

From a break room filled with florals to a “selfie tunnel,” the office has all kind of fun elements. They even have a canteen stocked with a mix of healthy food and sweet treats to keep their staff going.

All of the meeting rooms – of which we see a lot on Inside Missguided – have a different theme. These include pink, rapper, and unicorn. We’re sure everyone at the Missguided team will be scrambling back to work at HQ post-lockdown!




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