The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes launched on to our screens on Wednesday, June 12th and has already become the feel-good documentary series of the summer!

The Channel 4 series sees a restaurant entirely staffed by people with dementia, hoping to destigmatise dementia, particularly in the workplace. It was inspired by a similar project which took place in Tokyo, Japan last year.

So, where is the restaurant from the show? Is it real and can you go there?

Read on to find out…

Pictured: Hugh Bonneville being served at the restaurant.

Where is The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes?

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes is a pop-up in The Station Kitchen in Bristol.

The Station Kitchen is a YMCA community kitchen and cafe on the central Silver Street. It serves as a social enterprise training cafe for anyone seeking to gain more experience in the hospitality industry.

But it also functions as an event space and so far has hosted 244 community events for Bristol!

Can you visit the restaurant?

Unfortunately no.

Although the restaurant was a real, functioning restaurant during the pop-up, The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes has since been closed.

The project lasted for just five-weeks last year as a pop-up and concluded on December 12th, 2018.

But hopefully, if it is a huge success they would consider reopening the pop-up, either in its original location or somewhere new.

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes: Cast

There are thirteen dementia sufferers participating in the show, who make up the waiting staff of the restaurant. Ranging in ages, they explore how their diagnoses have affected their lives and work.

The restaurant on the show is overseen by acclaimed Bristolian chef Josh Eggleton, who owns the Michelin-starred gastropub the Pony & Trap.

Speaking to This Morning, Josh said:

All restaurants and all kitchens are classrooms. We need to be teaching and training people every day and this is no different.

He also mentioned how delighted he was at the success of the restaurant and for the participants.


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