Where's Wally? The Dog House viewers on the hunt for adorable poodle!

In episode 7 (Thursday, October 17th) of The Dog House on Channel 4, viewers fell in love with poodle cross Wally.

Despite his cute looks, Wally had struggled to find a home as he was nervous around people, and his nervousness led to some aggressive behaviours.

And after an episode where all of the Wood Green staff were on the search for Wally’s forever family, viewers were crushed to find out that things hadn’t worked out.

So, where is Wally now?

Screenshot: The Dog House E7 – 4oD

Meet Wally

Wally is a gorgeous poodle cross who was on the search for the perfect family. But his journey had been far from easy.

As one of the Wood Green employees explained in the episode:

I think the difficulty with Wally is because of his looks, because of his breed type. They fall in love with him straight away. But it doesn’t matter how cute a dog looks, it has to be the right match.

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Difficult dog

Wally had been rehomed a couple of times from the Wood Green animal shelter as he had issues with his new owners. Previous incidents included snapping and biting his new owners, which saw him swiftly sent back.

Most dogs stay at the kennel for a few weeks, but Wally had been at the Wood Green animal shelter for over a year.

Wally caught they eye of Trevor and Julia, who hoped things would work out with the pooch. Viewers were hopeful these two could handle him, as they had previous experience rescuing dogs from Wood Green.

But unfortunately, Wally’s difficulties and nervousness did not convince the prospective owners that he was the right fit for them.

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Where’s Wally?

Viewers were all left wondering what happened to Wally after the episode and took to Twitter to demand answers from Channel 4.

A Twitter user got in contact with Wood Green and tragically, they decided to put him to sleep.

They explained: “Wally couldn’t be rehomed even with an experienced family and continued to deteriorate. They eventually made the decision to put him to sleep – poor boy.”




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