Brand new E4 series Baewatch: Parental Guidance is pretty much the ultimate relationship test for couples.

Being secretly spied on by their in-laws, the love birds get the shock of their lives when they find out their parents have been watching their romantic trip for two.

So have they survived through the stress? See which Baewatch couples are still together…

Andy and Kayleigh on Baewatch: Parental Guidance

Andy and Kayleigh

The first ever episode of Baewatch kicks off with 24-year-old model Kayleigh and 26-year-old personal trainer Andy.

Jetting off on their first trip away as a couple, the pair run into a few awkward moments (like Kayleigh’s grandmother finding a sex toy in And’s suitcase).

But it seems like the couple made it through the embarrassment, with the pair now travelling around Australia together.

In January, Andy posted news of the couple’s adventure on Instagram: “I’m off travelling!!!⁣⁣ With this little stunner too, who’s served as a constant reminder of my mantra:⁣⁣ ‘Seek opportunity and pleasure’⁣⁣”.

Now living it up together in Sydney, the couple seem happier than ever. Aww!

Marlie and Sam

The second episode of E4’s Baewatch features reality TV stars, Marlie Lewis and Sam Chalenor.

By the looks of it, the Big Brother contestant and Ibiza Weekender rep first became Instagram official back in May 2018, and we’re posting a steady stream of selfies together for the majority of last year.

However, from New Years Eve 2018 to March 2019, there doesn’t seem to be any pics of the pair on either of their pages.

The selfie drought ended when Sam posted a pic of the couple to announce their Baewatch episode, but Marlie chose to post a photo by herself and didn’t tag him.

Do you think this means the couple are on a break? Or simply taking a social media break?



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