Celebs Go Dating 2019 is quickly approaching its grand finale, with a swanky waterpark and new hotel destination awaiting in Tenerife.

The E4 series will come to a close on Thursday, March 21st, with each celeb tasked with bringing a non-celebrity with them for a romantic break away.

So who do each of the celebs select? And are any of the couples still together now?

Tom, Anna, Paul

David Potts and Luke


We 100% know that uber-cute couple David and Luke make it to the grand final in Tenerife together, with David even asking his new bae to be his official boyfriend during the final episode.

David has only had his eye on one man since stumbling upon the fashionable 23-year-old from Cardiff and nothing changes in the lead up to episode 20.

There are no pictures of them on Instagram recently though, so perhaps things fizzle out after the hot adventure abroad.

As far as Celebs Go 2019 romances go, though, this one has the most potential.

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Pete Wicks and ?

Pete Wicks is currently seeing model Georgina Mullins.

The pair were snapped enjoying dinner with Pete’s parents and kissing in public, although not confirming that they were an official couple.

We’re not sure if Pete meets Georgina in an upcoming episode of Celebs Go Dating 2019, which could be the case.

What we do know, is that nothing transpires between the Essex Pirate and the likes of Miss Swimwear UK Poppy Haskell, his old Essex friend or ‘green hair girl’ Katherine Collins.

Meet the girl Pete Wicks ends up with on Celebs Go Dating 2019 – model Georgina Mullins

Kerry Katona and Megan McKenna

We have a sneaky suspicion that both Kerry Katona and Megan McKenna fail to bring anyone to the Celebs Go Dating 2019 final.

Megan has had horrendous luck while dating on the show while Kerry also has had few options.

Jack and Francesa

Jack Fowler is another mysterious dater with no-one particular picking his fancy.

Well, other than a waitress that he exchanged numbers with at the Ballie Ballerson Bar in London, having just told his actual date that he didn’t want to see her again.


The only girl that seems to have ticked the boxes for Jack is brunette-beauty Francesca. They follow each other on Instagram although it doesn’t look like anything progresses post-Tenerife.

Eleven crazy hot photos of Francesca from Celebs Go Dating – Jack Fowler’s date on Instagram

Sam Thompson and Aliki?

While we still can’t 100% confirm this, it looks likely that Sam will take Aliki Hewitt to tango in Tenerife.

Or, as Sam does best, at least Aliki and one other girl.

They still follow each other on Instagram although there aren’t any ‘coupley pics’.

Meet Celebs Go Dating star Aliki on Instagram: Does she actually look like Sam Thompson’s sister?

Georgia Steel and Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Whoever Georgia Steel ends up with on Celebs Go Dating 2019, it clearly doesn’t work out.

The former Love Island star was pictured kissing Hollyoaks actor and I’m a Celeb contestant Malique Thompson Dwyer on a night out very recently.

It’s believed that Holyoaker and E4 castmate Chelsee Healy introduced the pair.

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 10: Malique Thompson-Dwyer attends the TV Choice Awards at The Dorchester on September 10, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Chelsee Healey and Stephen

Chelsee will attend the Celebs Go Dating 2019 final with Stephen.

Who is Stephen? We don’t really know.

Will the last outside of the show? No. And moving on…



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