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Who are the Family Gorgeous from Drag SOS? What happens in episode 2?

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been an enormous global success and helped make drag a known, appreciated and admired artform, also leading it to be launched in the UK.

But it looks like another UK drag show is ahead of the curve and set to steal the limelight with Drag SOS launching on Channel 4 on Tuesday, June 25th!

So what is this show about and who are the drag queens starring in it?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Family Gorgeous – the stars of the show – and what they will be doing in this new series which is bound to be a hit!

(L-R) Georgina, Tete, Lill, Anna Phylactic, Cheddar Gorgeous, Liquorice Black, Ashley, Asttina Mandella and Matthew.

Who is in the Family Gorgeous?

The Family Gorgeous was founded by Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic, two legendary drag queens on the Manchester scene.

They began hosting events together at clubs in Manchester in 2013 when they launched their evening ‘Cha Cha Boudoir’.

There are five more drag queens joining the aforementioned two from the Family Gorgeous. They include Tete Bang, Lill, Liquorice Black, Donna Trump and Asttina Mandella.

What will the Family Gorgeous be doing on Drag SOS?

They will be travelling across the UK transforming members of the public from their ordinary selves into drag stars. Digital Spy so aptly put it: “Think Queer Eye but with drag queens”.

And as fans of RuPaul well know, the skill of lip-syncing is essential for any drag queen. So those participating in the show will also be put through their paces and learn the art of lipsyncing. Prepare for some pretty fantastic – and maybe sometimes hilarious – routines!

What happens on Drag SOS episode 2?

Episode 2, which airs Tuesday, July 2nd, features three Ipswich locals ready for the ultimate transformation.

Eighteen-year-old Brandon wants to unleash his alter-ego, café owner and mum-of-six Anna thinks she’s lost a sense of self and wants to go on a journey of rediscovery through drag, and Yvonne and her husband Steve are about to get a new lease of life during the second episode of the season.

Drag SOS – Channel 4

Cheddar Gorgeous

Cheddar is a legend on the Manchester drag scene and is a self-professed “unicorn, alien and idealist”.

Before entering the world of drag, Dr Michael Atkins – the man behind Cheddar – obtained his PhD in Anthropology and worked in numerous different roles, such as a teaching assistant, social worker and even a filmmaker.

We think this career suits Michael best!

Check out Cheddar’s Instagram where she posts her best snaps to her 90,000 plus followers.

Anna Phylactic

Anna – AKA Dan Wallace – was born in Darlington, but moved to Manchester to study drama at MMU.

After becoming enamoured with the city, Anna became a part of Manchester’s vibrant nightlife and runs many club nights as well as Cha Cha Boudoir.

Liquorice Black

Liquorice is a 26-year-old designer who got into drag through her creative flair.

She said, “I originally just wanted to be an arty club kid but it evolved into drag”.

Follow Liquorice’s Instagram @liquorice_black to see more of her best designs!

Tete Bang

Tete is the only female drag queen on the show.

The Londoner got into drag after she worked as a burlesque and cabaret performer.

She now works as a DJ hosting club nights with Glitterbox in Ibiza and also other festivals around Europe!

Asttina Mandella

Aston Joshua, AKA Asttina Mandella, is originally from London but joined the Family Gorgeous in their Manchester family.

Having been performing as a drag artist and dancer since the age of 18, Asttina will be a real lead on the show!


Lill, also known as Lill Queen, is originally from between Manchester and Merseyside. But she made the move full time to Manchester back in 2009 and has been living there since.

And Lill is so much a part of the Manchester club and drag scene, she is even responsible for popularising #ManchesterQueens on Instagram!

Follow her Instagram @hrhlill to see some of her best looks.

Donna Trump

Donna Trump, whose real name is Kieran Joseph, comes from Birmingham but currently lives in Manchester.

She explained her name to Drag Adventures and said that it was created before Donald Trump became US president.

Donna is not a supporter of Trump and said: “Not just because of that mouldy Wotsit in the White House either – If you say it with a Brummie accent (my native accent) it sound like you have ‘Done A Trump’.”

She has around 10,000 followers already. You can also follow Donna on Instagram and Twitter!




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