Who did Zara cheat on Sam Thompson with? Identity of music boss revealed

The preview clip for the upcoming Made in Chelsea episode sees a teary Zara McDermott admitting that she slept with someone else.

Zara, who was in a relationship with E4 star Sam Thompson for 16 months, breaks down at the dinner table with Habbs and Jamie. She then reveals to the MIC couple that she slept with someone a year ago.

This has left fans not only shocked, but curious about who she cheated on Sam with. So who did Zara cheat on Sam Thompson with? We got the lowdown on the MIC storyline…

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The X Factor: Celebrity on ITV
Pictured: The Islanders [Wes Nelson, Zara McDermott, Eyal Booker and Samira Mighty].

Zara admits to cheating on Sam

The MIC star kept schtum about cheating on Sam for a year, but revealed what she had done while filming for Made in Chelsea.

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In a clip for the Channel 4 show, Zara, 23, is seen telling Sam she just wants him to forgive her. However it was reported that they have since broken up, after Zara admitted that she had cheated.

She hasn’t held back on her feelings for Sam, as she posted an Instagram video filled with memories they made together. It was posted on the same day that the clip was released.

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Who did Zara cheat on Sam Thompson with?

  • Zara allegedly cheated on Sam with music boss Brahim Fouradi

According to The Mirror, Zara was unfaithful to Sam, 28, when she took part in X Factor: Celebrity between October and November, 2019. The MIC star began her romance with Sam in May earlier that year.

It is believed that Zara and Brahim, 38, met when he was working on the show as A&R director for Syco – but he has since left the company and is thought to be living in Holland. She allegedly spent increasing amounts of time with him backstage, and was hanging around after hours.

When Zara and Sam split, she left his home near Chelsea and moved back in with her parents in Essex.

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Fans react to Zara cheating on Sam

After Zara posted the video montage of her and Sam to Instagram, many well-known reality stars hoped that the  couple would get back together.

Mario Falcone wrote: “We all make mistakes. This is beautiful. Anyone can see how much you truly love one another. I hope love wins and you 2 can start a fresh.”

Even Sam’s sister Louise Thompson shared her thoughts, saying: “Oh darling!!!!! This just made me tear up.”



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