Who is Aaron from First Dates? Fans love the 'handsome' Channel 4 star!

First Dates returned to our screens to bring us, love, mishaps and sometimes true romance.

The Channel 4 dating series first aired on October 1st to kick off the new month with a bang. Last night saw a number of dates – some with sparks flying – such as between Jess and Aaron from Devon. Aaron became a firm favourite on the Thursday night show, with fans expressing their happiness for the First Dates star.

Some labelled Aaron’s date as one of the best to ever come from the series. So who is he? Meet the star – his transgender journey and current relationship!

Screenshot: Jess and Aaron, Episode 1, First Dates

Meet Aaron from First Dates

Aaron is a 31-year-old former RAF driver from Devon. He appeared on the latest episode of First Dates. According to his Instagram, it looks like he works as part of the production team at the BBC, in the South West.

The First Dates star also has a cute pug – and a pet eagle – who both live with him at home!

He likes “adventurous” girls that are “open-minded”, and is currently in a relationship with 26-year-old support worker Jess, who is also from Devon.

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While on First Dates, Aaron said:

When I fancy someone, I go bright red. Sometimes I can’t pick up when they’re flirting with me.

Aaron opened up about his transition from a female to a male while on the show.

Aaron’s transgender journey

Aaron, who was previously called Amy, revealed that he has just started transitioning into a woman.

He said he has not had surgery but opened up about how he feels “comfortable” now. Aaron said:

Now I’m comfortable with how I am, I’m happy to go out, meet someone. I knew from a very early age. When I was a woman, it was very difficult, it took me a long time. I’m in such a better place now.

Viewers questioned whether Aaron was transgender. He had briefly “had a fling” with his date Jess before he started transitioning into a male.

Aaron and Jess on First Dates

The pair were shocked to see each other at the First Dates restaurant, as they already knew each other from their home town Devon.

Aaron and Jess, who identifies as bisexual, met in Morrison’s. He asked her if she had seen him “like this” with a beard, and she said she had only seen pictures on Facebook.

Jess revealed that when Aaron was Amy, she “fancied Amy a lot”. She said:

I had a bit of a woman crush. There always has been. I’ve not felt this sort of glow for a long time.

They kissed at the end of the date. To viewers’ excitement, Aaron and Jess met up the following day after their date, and made for the years they lost.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they stayed together, as there is no sign of Jess on Aaron’s Instagram! Instead it looks like there’s a new woman in his life…






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