David Cusimano is one of nine contestants on season 3 of The Circle, which is premiering September 8th 2021 on Netflix.

The Circle is a reality game show where contestants live in the same building, but in separate rooms, battling it out to become the most popular.

Contestants can either chose to play as themselves or catfish as anybody their heart desires – whether that’s Harry Styles or their grandma!

They talk to each other through a voice-activated social media app, so they never actually hear or see one another.

All they will see of each other is their ‘profile’, and they can choose which photos and bio people will see of them. We explored Daniel’s Instagram…

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Daniel Cusimano?

Daniel Cusimano is the youngest person competing in The Circle to win the $100,000 prize fund, as he’s just 21 years old!

He’s a musical theatre star from Florida, and his quote for life is ‘#BeThatBitch’ – he’s going to be one to watch for sure.

On a Q&A on his latest Instagram stories, he says that apart from being on a reality TV show, his favorite activity is bowling!

Daniel Cusimano on The Circle

We’re sure that Daniel is going to bring lots of entertainment to the show…

In The Circle, he’s going to be playing the one and only… himself!

Daniel said he has been waiting for this time to come for a year and a half now and is so excited to start this new chapter with people from The Circle as they’re now his best friends and like family to him – how sweet!

His secret weapon is looking young and playing dumb, and he wants people to underestimate him…

David has said he’s willing to stoop as low as he needs to, to get what he wants. Check out his introduction to The Circle below!

Daniel Cusimano on Instagram

Daniel is a big social media user and regularly posts across his channels.

His Instagram is full of selfies and snaps of what he’s getting up to.

Currently, he is over 2.3K followers on Instagram, and claims he is “booked and busy” in his bio. Daniel was also prom king in 2019!

The Netflix star was also ‘sophomore king’ during his time at East Lake High School. Recently, he jokingly claimed he is trying to become an influencer.

We think this selfie was a teaser that he’s appearing on The Circle…

And also this one, with the caption ‘Bigger Changes Are Coming’.

Daniel Cusimano also posts regularly on TikTok. Check out his answers to some of the questions he gets asked about the show!

He’s not so bad with the old TikTok dances either…



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