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Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 - Mark Francis and Freddie Browne

Who is Made in Chelsea's Freddie Browne? Job, Instagram, friends and more!

In 2018 Made in Chelsea season 17 brought us a load of new characters, with Freddie Browne seamlessly slipping into certain sections of the SW3 crowd.

In particular, Freddie was taken under the wing of Mark Francis, with the pair often caught on camera chatting about anything and everything highbrow while dismissing others like they are nothing more than cheap peasants in hilarious fashion.

Here are five things you need to know about Made in Chelsea’s Freddie Browne!

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 – Mark Francis and Freddie Browne

Freddie isn’t actually from Chelsea

According to his Instagram bio, Freddie is a ‘Born and bred Borough boy’.

Presumably, this means he’s from the wider area of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, but that’s pretty much Chelsea so we will let him off.

Freddie loves to party

It’s nothing new for boys on Instagram to proclaim how much they love partying and it looks like Freddie is no different.

But given that he’s posh, it’s more champagne soirées than student house parties.

Outside of the show, he’s good friends with Sammy Allsop, Angus Findlay and Verity Bowditch.

He’s a Potterhead

From the looks of this Instagram post, Freddie might be a grown-up Harry Potter fan.

It’s unclear whether Freddie was the one who defaced the bathroom mirror with an ode to the children’s books, but he seemed pretty keen to take a cheeky selfie in front of it for the ‘gram.

Freddie loves vintage cars

According to Freddie, he’s putting three vintage Aston Martin’s on his Christmas list this year.

To most, this would seem like wishful thinking, but given that he’s a Chelsea Boy it probably isn’t too far fetched for Santa to get him these kinds of gifts.

Freddie only joined social media in 2018

According to his Instagram, Freddie’s first post was in January of 2018.

Given that he has around 7,000 followers it seems fair to say that this is a new profile. However, we suspect that he probably has a private account elsewhere.




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