Who is Michaela Furney? Meet Jimmy's wife from Autumn on the Farm

As Autumn on Jimmy’s Farm gets well underway, fans are wondering who the Channel 4 host’s wife is. Meet Michaela Furney!

In the recent series of the farm show, Jimmy and his team were seen dealing with the arrival of 6,000 Christmas turkeys.

While Jimmy isn’t working on the farm, he is usually with his wife Michaela and their children, who you may have spotted on the show.

So who is the host’s wife? We found her on Instagram – meet her here!

Jimmy. Picture: Channel 4

Meet Michaela Furney

Michaela, who is legally called Michaela Doherty, is Jimmy Doherty’s wife.

They have been married for 10 years and live at their Ipswich farm. In fact, the couple had their reception at Jimmy’s Farm, based in Pannington Hall.

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The 42-year-old previously worked in London as a production assistant for the TV company Shine.

Michaela was born in Hong Kong and brought up in Nepal, as her father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the 7th Gurkhas.

Michaela and Jimmy: Family

Michaela first met Jimmy while she was filming for Jamie’s Kitchen on a pig farm in Cumbria.

They now have four daughters, who were born between 2010 and 2018.

After moving to the countryside having started up their own company, Michaela told the East Anglian Times:

I just feel lucky to be getting this opportunity with Jim. There’s no one there saying do this, do that. The decisions are ours and the mistakes are all our own. We are together and we can go through it together.

Michaela and Jim often escape to the coast when they have time off.

Michaela Furney: Career

Michaela and Jimmy set up The Essex Pig Company using free-range meat production practices.

In addition to their working farm and butchery, Jimmy’s Farm is now home to a wildlife park, restaurant, vegetable and flower gardens, farm shop and clothing, and gift and craft shops.

She is also known for her work on Jamie’s Kitchen in 2002, Return to Jamie’s Kitchen in 2003 and of course, Jimmy’s Farm.



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