Made in Chelsea is finally revving up the drama for season 22, which sees some new and returning faces, including Toronto gal Nicole.

While recognisable members making their return to the posh and affluent area, like Digby and Angus, there are a few fresh newbies making a debut.

We are introduced to Nicole when Tristan Phipps and Harvey Armstrong are out for drinks, to which she asks if a shot is for her.

Instantly getting their flirt on (not set up at all…), Nicole appears to be hitting it off with Tristan, who was going through a break-up at the time.

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Who is Nicole on Made in Chelsea?

Nicole is a new cast member on MIC series 22.

The “blonde bombshell” isn’t actually from Chelsea, like most of her co-stars, but is originally from Toronto, Canada.

So, she’s a long way from home… as Tristan Phipps says. We found out that she is a model for The Four Models in Manchester.

Nicole also works for Link Models International in London and Europe, B&M Toronto, Montage Montreal and Select in Los Angeles and Miami.

Snippets from the trailer show that Nicole becomes more of a cast member as the series gets well underway, when she gets to know Tristan.

Her first two friends on the show are Harvey and Tristan, but it doesn’t look like Liv Bentley is going to be her best friend at this rate!

Nicole has the hots for Tristan

So far, we have seen Nicole confidently approach Tristan and Harvey during a night out involving several drinks.

She asks if one of their shots is for her, before Tristan asks if she wants one. Harvey lowkey third wheels and tells them not to forget him.

They then take the shot, before Nicole introduces herself and seems to be flirting with Tristan – and vice versa.

Later on, Nicole goes along to one of the famous Made in Chelsea parties, when Liv is seen rolling her eyes at Tristan’s new romance.

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Meet Nicole on Instagram

Nicole is followed by Julius Cowdrey and Ruby Adler – and vice versa – so they are likely to be the main friends she made in Made in Chelsea.

And despite her first encounter with Tristan and Harvey, neither of them appear to be following the newbie.

With 25.6K followers behind her, she is often in galleries, out for meals or drinks, and going on holidays to places like Mikonos, Bali and Rome.

She usually posts snapshots of her modelling shoots, but also appears to be a free spirit and soul who is well-travelled across the globe.

There are no signs of anything romantic going on between her and Tristan on Instagram, so it doesn’t look like they went past the flirting stage!



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