Sarrah Jasmin is the latest addition to E4’s Made in Chelsea cast, who was seen rocking up to ask the boys if they were newly single.

We may have only caught a quick conversation with her on the most recent episode, but it seems she’s going to be involved in drama pretty soon.

She was introduced as Emily Blackwell’s friend who had been living in America, the second new cast member from the US, alongside Nicole.

We got to know Sarrah ahead of the next episode, from her friends, career and what might have happened with her and Reza…

Who is Sarrah on Made in Chelsea?

Sarrah first joined the MIC scene while the boys were having a drink.

Introduced as Emily’s friend, she said she has lived in the USA for seven years and that her name is Hebrew in Persian.

Revealing she is Iranian, she is originally from London, and previously moved to Texas and then California. Sarrah has recently moved back.

The newbie said she broke up with her boyfriend a year and a half ago.

Since then, it looks like her and Reza have already bonded over their similar roots, as they are both Iranian.

In the next episode, Reza and Sarrah appear to be hitting it off, although Ruby warns her that she will not be her friend.

Sarrah’s age and career

Sarrah is an actress and model, with a profile on

Her profile reveals she is between 16 and 30 years old, and is 5 ft 4.

In an inews article involving Sarrah and written in 2017, Sarrah’s age was revealed as 20, meaning she must be around 24 years old now.

She studied at UCL and was described as “one of thousands of young medics planning either to move abroad or quit medicine altogether”.

Having wanted to be a psychiatrist for years, she told inews:

I was really set on working for the NHS. I was passionate about it and about CAMHS [the NHS’s specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services]. I had my whole career plan set out.

Sarrah added that the Health Secretary has put “a massive dampener” on her plans to work with young people with mental-health problems.

She went on to reveal she would explore other career options, which could include working in veterinary medicine as a front-runner.

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Meet Sarrah on Instagram

Sarrah, who has 8.5K followers on Instagram, seems to be a happy-go-lucky kind of gal who loves to travel the world.

Recently, Miles Nazaire said on an Instagram live that she claimed to be friends with Kim Kardashian and has gone to one of her parties.

Her bio says: “Be kind to all animals and the planet”. This suggests she must be an animal lover who cares about the environment!

From festivals and parties to a classy drink at Hampton Court Palace, Sarrah seems to do it all when it comes to socialising.

Looking at her page, it appears that she returned to the UK in July. And although there are no pics of her and Reza, he does follow her…



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