Who is the narrator on The Bridge? All you need to know about the new Channel 4 show!

The Bridge is a new Channel 4 television show beginning on Sunday 11th October, in which strangers band together to build a bridge in order to win £100,000.

Based off the Spanish show with the same premise, El Puente, the group have twenty days to build a 250 meter bridge across a lake in order to get to the island on the other side.

If the show doesn’t sound crazy enough, there is a mega twist at the end when only one contestant can receive the money, and then it becomes up to them whether they share it out or keep it to themselves.

Who is the narrator on The Bridge?

The narrator on The Bridge is well- known actor James McAvoy, who is taking on his first reality television role with this show.

The 41 year old from Glasgow is most recognised from his work in Split, Atonement, and the X Men franchise. James’ most recent roles include playing Lord Asriel Belacqua in His Dark Materials, and Bill in IT Chapter Two.

James has one son, Brendan, with his ex wife, Anne- Marie Duff, who played his love interest in the television series Shameless. Currently, James is in a relationship with Lisa Liberati, who he met on the set of Split.

When is The Bridge on TV?

The Bridge is beginning Sunday 11th October and will air every Sunday until Sunday 8th November.

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The television series is five parts long and shows 12 contestants attempting to build a bridge in just twenty days.


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