Who told Sam about Zara cheating? Made in Chelsea rumours explored

The latest Made in Chelsea bombshell revealed that Zara cheated on Sam. But who spilt the beans on the scandal?

If you haven’t already heard, a dinner party turned pretty awkward after Zara McDermott told her friends – including Sam Thompson’s bestie Jamie Laing – that she had slept with someone a year ago.

She told them that a mutual friend had revealed what happened. If that wasn’t dramatic enough, Sam then ended things with Zara at the end of the episode (Monday October 19th).

Who did Zara cheat on Sam with?

Zara allegedly cheated on Sam with music boss Brahim Fouradi. She revealed that she slept with someone while she was on Celebrity X Factor.

Brahim is a 38-year-old A&R director for Simon Cowell’s record label Syco. It has been alleged that Zara would hang around after hours backstage while her Love Island band mates had already gone home.

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During the last MIC episode, Sam said she “consistently” cheated on him and that she was continuing to like the photos of the person she had slept with, despite asking Sam for forgiveness.

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Zara said a ‘mutual friend’ revealed the scandal

When Sophie Habboo – known as Habbs – asked how the allegation came about, Zara told her that a mutual friend had revealed what happened.

Zara then went on to say she “told him everything”, to which he responded that he “needed some space”. When asked why the MIC star didn’t tell him straight away, she said:

I couldn’t bring myself to break his heart like that. I just thought, I’d rather it eat me alive and me just have to live with what I’ve done than ruin everything.

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Who told Sam about Zara cheating?

It has not been revealed exactly who spilled the beans. However, some fans have speculated that it was Pete Wicks who passed on the news to Sam.

Viewers believe that he was told about what happened by Megan McKenna, who was also on Celebrity X Factor while Zara made her singing debut. However this has not been confirmed.

One fan took to Twitter and wrote: “Zara cheated on Sam with music boss Brahim Fouradi… His bestie, Pete Wicks found out and broke the horrible news.

“She was still liking Brahim’s photos on Instagram when Sam found out – which really was the final straw.”

It would make sense, as Sam has allegedly now moved in with bestie Pete Wicks as they film for The Circle. It has also been reported that Pete had been visiting Sam every day since he split with Zara, to support him.



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