Who won The Great Pottery Throw Down 2021? Meet the winner on Instagram!
POST TX...Siobhan McSweeney, Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller with Jodie. Picture Publicist: Duncan Webb Photographer: Mark Bourdillon. Picture: Channel 4

Who won The Great Pottery Throw Down 2021? Meet the winner on Instagram!

Sundays were filled with ceramic-making and pottery, but it all ended as The Great Pottery Throw Down came to a close. So, who won in 2021?

It was several weeks ago that the contestants stood at their designated table, ready to impress the judges with their ceramic and pottery skilled talents.

Last night (Sunday, March 14th), we all sat down to see who the judges thought had the best skills when it came to pottery.

So, if you missed the episode, we’ve got the lowdown on who won the 2021 series. Plus, we had a little scroll through her Instagram…

Ep10. Jodie. Picture: Channel 4

Who won Great Pottery Throw Down 2021?

  • Jodie Neale

It came down to three contestants in the final, which were Adam, Peter and Jodie, who had to create a 1920s Art Deco-inspired party with clay.

Given four hours for the task, they had to make a punch bowl, a ladle, six hanging cups and two decanters with stoppers.

Each finalist then had to get fiddly and make tiny dinner sets that could be placed in a dollhouse, which NHS nurse Jodie came second in.

When the overall winner was announced, it was Jodie’s name which was called out – which left her in happy tears!

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Meet Jodie Neale on Instagram

Jodie, who is a member of South Wales Potters (as proudly stated in her Instagram bio), regularly shares her latest clay and ceramic projects.

She also has a picture of her tattoo on her back – which actually inspired her sink on The Great Pottery Throw Down semi final!

Aside from the regular documenting of the series, she has also shared her motorbiking hobby, and has ridden at Donnington Race Circuit!

Jodie also loves swimming, which was the inspiration behind the lighthouse she made on the Channel 4 series.

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Who won Great Pottery Throw Down 2020?

  • Rosa Wiland Holmes

Several fans watching the 2021 final started to wonder who won the last series, which aired in 2020.

Rosa is a former fashion designer from Copenhagen, whose son and daughter were both there to congratulate her in the final.

She won the judges over by making a nine piece tea set with an Alice in Wonderland theme.



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