Channel 4 viewers are curious to find out more about why did Ali left Rise and Fall.

The brand new Channel 4 series kicked off on March 19 and sees 16 contestants compete for a £100,000 prize fund.

The competitors are all taking part in a game of power and all want to make it to the top. The contestants are separated into ‘grafters’ and ‘rulers’.

One of the show’s players, Ali, left Rise and Fall on day two after he endured cold showers and had to eat potato skin soup.

Meet Ali from Rise and Fall

Ali is 45 years old and headed into Rise and Fall as one of the Channel 4 show’s original contestants.

He said that he “absolutely loves” his job, being a boss, and being in power.

At the beginning of Rise and Fall, the contestants were equals, however, Ali was selected as one of the ‘grafters’ who live in the basement of the apartment block. While other players were chosen as ‘rulers’ and lived on the top floor.

Ali experienced life in the basement alongside Rise and Fall’s Jack, Jeff, Connor, and co.

Ali is a restaurant owner

Entrepreneur Ali said on Rise and Fall that he owns multiple restaurants.

Ali hails from Essex and runs a multitude of successful businesses. Some of his restaurants are celebrity hotspots.

When it comes to who he thinks is a great leader, Ali said “Donald Trump,” he added: “…basically he don’t take no cr*p.”

He went into the show to win and said: “The qualities I have that will make me win Rise and Fall are, I’m a great leader, I’m very organised and I can make people do what I want them to do.”

Why did Ali leave Rise and Fall?

Just one episode into Rise and Fall and Ali decided that he’d had enough of the show.

The reality TV star expressed that the showers were super cold during his time in the basement. He also gave some of his co-stars the impression that he wasn’t going to “graft.”

Ali said that he was dreaming of king-size beds and hot water while on the show.

He announced to his fellow grafters in episode 1 that he was going to leave Rise and Fall.

After the group’s first challenge, he said that he wasn’t feeling good and wanted to go home. He said: “The lack of decent food, no hot water, it is freezing, that’s what can break a man.”

He added: “I can’t be a follower, I’m a leader,” adding: “Quite frankly, I don’t know any other way.”

Ali’s announcement prompted viewers of the show to make this moment into a meme. Many took to Twitter to comment on the fact that he hadn’t spent much time on the series before leaving.

Some tweeted that he should have got the team to strike for hot water and food before deciding to leave.

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