Why did Andy Kane leave Changing Rooms? And where is Carol Smillie?

Why did Andy Kane leave Changing Rooms? And where is Carol Smillie?

Andy Kane, better known as “Handy Andy”, is not starring on the new season of Channel 4’s Changing Rooms. And Carol Smillie has also left.

In fact, the cast for the new series has completely changed, with the only existing cast member being Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen this year.

Anna Richardson will replace Carol Smillie as host, while other cast members include Tibby Singh, Jordan Cluroe, Russell Whitehead.

For those wondering where Andy and Carol have got to, Reality Titbit has gone down the DIY route to find out why they left, and where they are now.

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Why did Handy Andy leave Changing Rooms?

  • Although unconfirmed, it is assumed Channel 4 didn’t call Andy

Rather than Andy actually choosing to leave, it just appears that the TV channel decided to do a complete reboot.

Laurence said the reboot had to be “a complete reinvention”, as cast members [including Andy] have now moved on.

After the show last aired in 2004, Andy later made three appearances on the U.S. version of the programme, Trading Spaces.

He made a few appearances on shows, with his last being when he presented BBC Primary Geography programmes in 2008.

Since then, Andy, now 65, seems to have kept his life off-screen and private.

Where is former Changing Rooms host Carol?

  • Carol Smillie is now a humanist celebrant

In 2018, Carol qualified as a humanist celebrant with the Humanist Society Scotland, and is now pursuing a career in the industry.

This means she spends most of her time conducting humanist, non-religious weddings, funerals and baby-namings.

She also appears to be enjoying time with her children. Carol’s Changing Rooms history still hasn’t left her, as she sometimes does home makeovers!

When Laurence was asked if he misses having Smillie on the show to present with him, the TV personality told The Sun: “No, and hand on heart, what the producers and what Channel 4 have done is actually very clever.

“They have moved on and it wouldn’t have worked if it had been Jurassic Park — it had to be a reinvention. To be fair, I resisted it for a long time.”

Who is replacing Andy and Carol?

  • Andy will be replaced by Tibby Singh, and Carol by Anna Richardson

Tibby Singh is a highly-skilled carpenter and joiner who has been working as a property developer for many years.

He learnt his craft at the highly respected Leeds College of Building and, in 2012, was named as the BBC’s Young Carpenter of the Year.  

He has 15 years’ experience under his toolbelt, and works alongside family members to buy and renovate rundown buildings.

Anna Richardson, on the other hand, is best known for hosting Channel 4’s Naked Attraction. Davina McCall was originally meant to replace Carol.

When Davina had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts, Anna was “absolutely thrilled” to get the call.

The writer, presenter and journalist has also hosted Supersize vs Superskinny, The Sex Education Show, Secret Eaters, and Supershoppers!



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