Why did Russell leave Come Dine with Me? Channel 4 fans confused over his sudden exit!

Come Dine with Me never fails to charm with its quirky contestants and delicious recipes.

The competitive Channel 4 series premiered back in 2005 and has continued to entertain viewers at home ever since.

Those who take part are not necessarily skilled cooks as the show always welcomes a range of contestants. People just need to have the ambition and hustle to create a showstopper menu and impress their guests when they are the host.

This week, however, one contestant suddenly disappeared from the series without any explanation.

What happened to Russell? Why did he leave Come Dine with Me?

Russell on Come Dine with Me

Who is Russell?

Russell is a builder, aka the “harbour playboy”, as he referred to himself in Come Dine with Me’s first episode.


He made quite the appearance on the Channel 4 series, sipping on a cocktail in a bar in a stylish and elegant outfit. In the series, he didn’t shy away from sharing his own taste about food and different flavours.

He explained: “I am very fussy with food. Food has to be flavoursome. I like flavours, I like cutlery, I like nice restaurants.

Apart from his taste for food and fashion, Russell also became memorable for his puns and hilarious rapping. In the second episode, he (sort of) rapped:

My name is Russell

I have got big muscle

I came to eat

And they served me no meat

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Russell, Come Dine with Me

Why did Russell leave Come Dine with Me?

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Russell will no longer take part in the competition,” Come Dine With Me’s narrator revealed in Wednesday’s (July 1st) episode.

Series like Come Dine with Me usually (or should) address when contestants suddenly leave. Of course, “unforeseen circumstances” could mean many things, so it’s not entirely clear whether Russell left the series on his own or bosses of the Channel 4 show removed him.

We managed to find Russell’s co-star Adam, who appears on the series this week, and he offered some explanation on social media.

Responding to a viewer on Twitter, Adam tweeted: “Can’t say too much on Twitter but he didn’t leave by choice.”


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Fans react on Twitter

Unsurprisingly, a sudden disappearance like this one has caused a huge confusion with viewers at home.

And many haven’t wasted time to take to social media and share their reactions.





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