Host of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Jamie Otis, has officially left the show. She announced the news on Instagram, and many fans are already missing having her around.

One of the first to break MAFS history by falling deeply in love with her husband, despite being unsure at first, they now have two children.

Season one of the Lifetime show is where she first laid eyes on husband Doug Hehner, in the crazy experiment of getting married on a first date.

However, her life as a Married at First Sight host is now coming to an end. We got down to the important vow of exactly why she’s leaving.

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Jamie announces MAFS departure

Jamie revealed on November 19th that she was officially leaving MAFS.

Wanting fans to hear the news from her first, she took to Instagram to reveal the unexpected announcement.

She added that she gave her all to Lifetime, and that hosting the MAFS: Unfiltered show was her dream job.

Thanking them for her life now, as the show contributed to her life now – a husband and two kids – Jamie said the channel had given their all to her.

The host addressed struggles she’s had in life, such as living with her mom’s random friends and boyfriends, and not being able to find her father.

Why is Jamie Otis leaving MAFS?

Neither Jamie nor Lifetime have revealed the reason why she is no longer hosting Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

It looks like it wasn’t a decision made on Jamie’s side, as she revealed that she “unexpectedly” found out about the news herself.

However, it comes a few months after several fans called for a new host.

Her ten-year stint hosting the show may just mean Lifetime have decided her time is up and that new hosts will now be in her place.

Jamie revealed she will now be using the time to focus on spending time with her family. Since her departure, the MAFS star said she plans to travel across America in their newly-renovated mobile home, and “make a baby”.

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What is Jamie’s net worth?

Jamie Otis currently has a net worth of $1million.

She makes a lot of her money from Lifetime and YouTube, while hosting a podcast called Hot Marriage Cool Parents with husband Doug.

They have 66.4K subscribers on their YouTube channel, and their podcast has reached number one in seven countries!

Her main job is working as a registered nurse at Columbia Presbyterian.



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