First Dates Hotel: Winston thinks he's the 'only gay in the village' until he meets Ben!

Set in a romantic Italy destination, Winston believes he’s the “only gay in the village” until Ben walks in. So, where are they now?

It comes as Channel 4’s First Dates Hotel returns to our screens, transporting us from our sofas to Aquapetra Resort and Spa in Campania.

Front-of-house man Fred Sirieix will be leading the way, introducing Winston and Ben to each other in the first episode of series six.

So, let’s find out what happens between Ben and Winston, and figure out whether they are still dating post-filming…

First Dates Hotel S6 Ep1 – Winston and Ben. Picture: Channel 4

Who are Winston and Ben?

Winston is a 40-year-old professional from Chippenham, Wiltshire.

He is a horse-lover and chiropractor qualified to treat animals, who is the man behind South West Chiropractic Ltd – Winston Williams.

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The First Dates Hotel star trained for four years at The McTimoney College of Chiropractic, and can treat acupuncture for musculoskeletal problems.

Winston thinks he’s the “only gay in the village”, until the “other gay in the village” walks through the door, in the name of Ben.

Winston and Ben are closer than they think

Winston said meeting potential dates can be difficult in his rural home town. But that’s exactly how the Ben described himself to camera – is it fate?

And then, another shock is revealed, as they both discover that they live just up the road from each other in Wiltshire, and have lots in common.

They then figure out their paths have crossed several times in the past, but there have also been crossed wires about their situations!

Where are Winston and Ben now?

Ben seems to have kept any form of social media presence private, whereas Winston seems to be busy with his chiropractor business.

We could not find any pictures of Winston and Ben together, which suggests that things may have not worked out between them.

However, fear not – as they may be keeping a possible relationship away from the spotlight, following First Dates Hotel filming!



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