Work on the Wild Side is Channel 4’s new daytime series which will provide you with all the escapism and wanderlust you need this summer.

The first episode launched on Monday, May 18th and will air for the following two weeks at the same time of 4 pm daily.

Work on the Wild Side follows British vets and volunteers who have swapped their everyday life in Britain for one in South Africa, all for the sake of animals. These volunteers work on nature reserves with some of the most endangered species from rhinos to leopards.

One of the volunteers who stood out to viewers was Emily Baxter. So, who is Emily? Find out about the veterinary doctor here.

Emily Baxter in Work on the Wild Side

Who is Emily?

Emily Baxter is a 29-year-old MediVet doctor who is currently living in South Africa. She works at the Ikhala Veterinary Clinic.

When Emily graduated from the University of Bristol in 2013, she spent nine months volunteering for Ikhala Wildlife Veterinary Services and Amakhala Game Reserve. After these nine months, she returned to the UK and spent a year and a half working in a mixed animal practice.

But Emily could not resist the call of the wild and shortly returned to South Africa. She rejoined the Ikhala team in 2016 and has been with them ever since.

Speaking to Channel 4 about her work, Emily said: “It’s my dream job we just get to work with the most amazing people and animals.”

Dr Emily’s veterinary work with William Fowlds

In Work on the Wild Side, we get to meet the team Emily works with. This includes fellow MediVet’s Dr Annie Mears (27) and Dr Lisa Graham (33), who are also from the UK.


They all work under Dr William Fowlds, who is wildlife vet and rhino conservationist. He also works for Ikhala.

In October and November 2018, Emily and Will went on a university tour to present their Vets Go Wild course, encouraging young vets to travel abroad and help on nature reserves.

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Does Emily have Instagram?


We found the Work on the Wild Side official Instagram page and they have not tagged Dr Emily anywhere.

We also found Dr William Fowlds’ Instagram profile, where he has over 4,000 followers, and he has not tagged Emily in any pictures.




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