Dan Osborne has rocked up to the Celebrity Big Brother and is ready to cause drama.

The former The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) star left the show in bitter circumstances after he was sacked in 2015 following two seasons.

Here is everything you need to know about the 27-year-old, including why he left TOWIE, and why Celebrity Big Brother could be a disaster.

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Why Did Dan Osborne Leave TOWIE?

Dan Osborne shocked fans after audio of a nasty confrontation with ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin surfaced online.

The audio was not shown on an episode of TOWIE but leaked via a story coming from the Sun.

In the audio, Dan threatened to “stick a knife” in Megan – who is also mother to one of his children – if she “had sex with another man”.

Shortly after, a spokeswoman for TOWIE confirmed Dan’s departure: Dan was suspended during the last series of TOWIE, and Lime Pictures and ITV have since decided he will not be returning to the show. We wish him luck in the future.”

Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa

Dan moved on from the tumultuous TOWIE-based relationship with Eastenders actor Jacqueline Jossa, after meeting her at an awards ceremony.

Jacqueline, 25, has been in Eastenders since 2010, where she plays character Lauren Branning.

The pair have been together for fives years, tieing the knot in 2017 and also having two children together – Ella Selina and Mia.

However, the relationship is not a simple one.

Dan was pictured moving out of their marital home in May 2018, with rumours that they had split up for good.

Dan told Heart magazine: I’m still staying with a mate. I left because we were arguing and it is such a waste of energy. I still obviously care for Jacqueline but if we can’t make each other happy then we shouldn’t stay together. Life is too short.”

Dan moved back into the house over summer 2018, although nobody is sure if they are looking to restore their relationship or seek a divorce.

And now Dan is in Celebrity Big Brother…

Dan’s Celebrity Big Brother Nightmare?

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 could prove a nightmare decision for Dan.

First, there is the issue of his second daughter, Mia.

Mia was born on 25th June 2018, meaning she is just a couple of months old as Dan enters the Celebrity Big Brother house!

Holding baby Mia is Teddy, Dan’s fist child, from another relationship.

Secondly, there is the issue of his wife, who lashed out on social media when rumours of Dan’s appearance in CBB started to appear.

Jaqueline tweeted: This industry and a lot of people in it will do anything to ruin and hurt people. I’m fully over it all. Someone get me back to acting now!”

Could there be any more potential banana skins for Dan? Well, yes.

Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen

Also rumoured to be joining the Celebrity Big Brother house is Love Island 2017 star Gabby Allen.

Fresh from her break up with villa lover Marcel Somerville, Gabby was spotted getting close and personal with Dan while they both attended a fitness retreat in April 2018.

Gabby, 26, has since hit out at Dan, saying she wouldn’t go near the married man.

Then again, we’ve seen stranger things happen in the Celebrity Big Brother house…

Gabby said to new! magazine: He’s a f*cking joker since he’s become single. I keep reading about it in the press. It’s like mate, sort it out. He’s still married.'”


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