Sandra shocks Ambulance: Code Red viewers with "foot hanging off" scene

Shows documenting the dramatic day-to-days of ambulance and A&E workers have been increasing in popularity over the years.

From 24 Hours in A&E and A&E After Dark to Ambulance, these fly on the wall docuseries allow viewers to follow the drama of Britain’s hospitals. Now, Channel 5 have another addition to the ‘hospital doc roster’ as they launched Ambulance: Code Red on Monday, August 31st.

This new docuseries takes a look at the lifesaving paramedics and doctors who work with West Midlands Ambulance Service and the Midlands Air Ambulance. The cases featured on this series are more dramatic than most, so prepare for some pretty grisly scenes.

The first episode (August 31st) signalled just how gruesome some of the cases will be throughout this first season, as viewers were introduced to Sandra. Sandra, who had a rather dramatic incident at home resulting in the near loss of her foot, left viewers feeling rather squeamish. Find out what happened in Ambulance: Code Red here.

Screenshot: Ambulance: Code Red S1 E1 – My5

Sandra on Ambulance: Code Red

When we are introduced to Sandra on Ambulance: Code Red, she’s calling with a severe ankle fracture. Sandra called the ambulance and explained: “I had a fall, my foot’s hanging off.”

She continued: “My foot’s just detached, I can feel the bone sticking through.”


Sandra, 71, lives in Walsall. She made the call to the West Midlands Ambulance Service at 8.30 pm, two hours after the accident. It had taken Sandra all that time to drag herself across her house, to reach her phone.

Sandra had broken the two largest bones – tibia and fibula – in her left leg. The shattered bone shards went straight through her skin.

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What happened to Sandra?

Sandra was taken to the QE Hospital in Birmingham, rather than her local hospital in Walsall, as the paramedics thought she’d need specialist intense care.

This could mean orthopaedics and plastic surgery to reconstruct her foot.

The episode concluded by stating that Sandra needed an operation to put metalwork into her ankle to help realign the bones. The recovery for this procedure meant that Sandra needed to stay off her leg for two months. But the episode concluded by stating that Sandra was feeling “positive” about her recovery.

Ambulance viewers respond to Sandra’s foot

Inevitably, the gruesome scene had many viewers talking online. Twitter was flooded with commentary on the scene in Sandra’s house, many amazed by Sandra’s resilience and strength.

One viewer tweeted: “The scene in Sandra’s living room reminds me of the first saw film”

Another said: “You’d have to have a strong stomach for that. Horrific”

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