Big Brother 2018 has kicked off in shocking style.

Just 19 hours into Channel 5’s final BB series and housemate Ellis Hillon was evicted.

Ellis was busy celebrating her 20th birthday when Big Brother evicted her from the series following a racist tweet that was found on her Twitter account in 2014.

Thirteen housemates now remain, so let’s get to know them better – starting with Akeem Griffiths!

Big Brotther 2018 - Akeem Griffiths.

Big Brother 2018 – Akeem Griffiths.

Akeem is in a Serious Relationship

Most Big Brother housemates are single when they wind up in the house – not Akeem!

The 26-year-old has been in a relationship for six years and describes his partner as “one of a kind”.

When Akeem was away with his friends for a stag doo, Laura placed a hilarious customized t-shirt in his bag for him to wear.

Accompanied by a picture of Laura, the T read:

Why have a burger, when I’ve got steak at home??

On the back, there was also a picture of the two together with the message ‘I love my beautiful girlfriend, Laura Smith!’

The story surfaced online with the Daily Mail.

He is Named After an Eddie Murphy Character

The Welshman’s unusual name comes from Eddie Murphy movie Coming To America.

The story follows lead character Akeem (Eddie) as he travels to America from a wealthy African country to flee an arranged marriage.

Let’s hope that’s not why Akeem has escaped to Big Brother…


Akeem Sent a Nude to His Mum

During his pre-Big Brother interview, Akeem opened up about his most embarrassing moment – needles to say, it’s a cracker!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information – presumably because Akeem is trying to delete it from his memory – but we know that he once accidentally sent a nude photograph of himself to his mother.

He’s Friends with a Love Island Contestant

Both hailing from Rhondda Valley in Wales, Akeem is good friends with Love Island 2018 star Rosie Williams.

Rosie was in Love Island series 4 where she briefly dated Adam Collard before she was voted out of the show.

Akeem Has Worked in South Africa

Akeem works in Cardiff as a training consultant for Webhelp.

However, his job has previously taken him overseas, where he helped supervise a contact centre operation where it moved from the U.K to South Africa.

BONUS: He Plays For the Best Football Team in the World!

Okay, so we don’t mean the best in terms of quality.

However, Akeem plays in the Pontypridd Saturday league for a team with the best name in the world – Inter Ya Mam F.C.



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