Big Brother 23: Coin of Destiny results revealed from Sunday

As the Coin of Destiny was finally used in the latest season of Big Brother, we have all been eager to find out the results.

The Coin of Destiny which gives power to those who win a coin flip has been an awaited challenge across the season and was put to use in the 23rd episode of the season.

Although there were a couple of houseguests eager to gamble with power, only a couple had the opportunity due to the pricey nature of the game.

However, as one houseguest did take their chance with the coin of destiny, RealityTitbit is here to give you all of the results.

What does the winner of the Coin of Destiny receive?

The game which is essentially a coin flip, can give the winner the power to overthrow the current Head of House (HOH).

The role of HOH is desired among houseguests due to the winner being able to change the current HOH’s nominations of eviction for the week completely anonymously.

This not only leads to the HOH being overthrown but also their alliances with other houseguests put at risk.

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Who won the Coin of Destiny?

Although it was Derek X who was the player most expected to take the risk throughout the season, he was voted out before being able to take part.

The game consisted of players rolling coins with the aim of getting them within the slots at the end of the runway. Claire won this initial game with three coins, and was then given the chance to flip the coin.

Claire guessed correctly on the coin flip and was the winner of this week’s Coin of Destiny, overthrowing the current HOH, Tiffany.

Being able to anonymously change the results of the nominations, originally chosen by Tiffany, Claire instead decided to keep the nominations the same.

Twitter fan reactions to the Coin of Destiny

Fans remained eager across Twitter waiting for the 23rd episode to be released. As the Coin of Destiny brought with it so much power, fans also felt the antisipation.

Although fans had mixed opinions on who they wanted to win the Coin of Destiny, with many rooting for Hannah, when Claire became the winner, it seems many were also happy with that outcome.



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