Big Brother 23: Who won the week 10 Power of Veto competitio?

Big Brother season 23 is well underway and the houseguests remaining have reached their tenth week in the Big Brother house.

With just six houseguests left trying to win the $750,000 grand prize, the stakes are getting higher.

Week ten’s Power of Veto competition has been completed and one houseguest has had the opportunity to remove a nomination.

So who won the veto and has used the power that comes with it? Reality Titbit has all the answers.

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

What is the Power of Veto?

In a weekly competition, the Power of Veto is played by six houseguests, the Head of Household, the two nominated houseguests, and three others chosen by the nominees and HOH.

With the competition having different challenges to play for each week, it is the power that the winner receives which is what houseguests play for.

If crowned the winner of Power of Veto, you can remove one nomination and also secure your safety from eviction.

Who won the week 10 Power of Veto?

Before this week’s Power of Veto competition, the current structure of the house stood with Kyland as HOH whilst Tiffany and Hannah were up for nomination.

The Veto winner this week was Kyland who chose to keep his nominations the same. This means that it is likely that Tiffany will be the next voted out of the house in Thursday’s elimination due to Xavier and Big D’s plans to keep Hannah in the house.

The only way Tiffany would have been able to remain safely in the house is if she had won Power of Veto and swapped herself out of a place as a nominee.

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Twitter fan reactions to Power of Veto week 10

It appears across Twitter that fans weren’t completely happy with the results of Power of Veto. As Hannah has a lot of support on social media, many were instead hoping that she would win this week’s competition and remove herself from possible eviction.

However, if the other houseguests keep their current decisions the same, it seems that Hannah will be safe regardless of not winning the Veto challenge.

Although Kyland won Power of Veto, fans also don’t seem to be completely mad at the results in the hope that the eviction will play out in favour of Hannah and that it will be Tiffany exiting.

With predictions for the eviction flying around on Twitter, we will have to wait for tonight’s episode, September 16th, before we know who will be the next to leave Big Brother 23…



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