Has Dr. Will Kirby had plastic surgery? Big Brother fans share speculations!

Dr. Will Kirby has sparked plastic surgery rumours after his appearance on Big Brother. 

Will made a surprise appearance on Big Brother’s episode on Thursday, September 24th as part of a shocking twist for the contestants in the house.

The season 2 winner returned to the series as a new “neighbour” to reveal this week’s upcoming competitions which will lead to a triple eviction.

But it looks like viewers at home have been occupied more with Will himself as many have questioned whether he has had any plastic surgery done.

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Screenshot – Dr. Kirby’s House Calls | LaserAway

Who is Dr. Will Kirby?

Will is a dermatologist and serves as a chief medical officer at LaserAway.

He was born in Florence, Italy and later moved to Tallahassee, Florida, where he graduated from Florida State University School. 


Will is best known for winning the second season of Big Brother and The Price Is Right. He has made numerous TV appearances to offer his knowledge and expertise as a dermatologist to viewers at home.

As for his personal life, Will has been married to Erin Brodie since 2017 and they have two children together.

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Dr. Will Kirby sparks plastic surgery rumours

Will has never been shy to offer his thoughts about cosmetic procedures. He has talked about the benefits that come with them in a number of blog posts and interviews.

In an interview with Life & Style, he discussed one of the most popular procedures sought by his clients – botox. He said:

“[…] Using tiny injection amounts, even in patients without overt facial wrinkles, has been proven to help prevent wrinkles from getting worse or even ever developing at all. Point being, small amounts work well and the patient population seeking injections gets younger and younger every year!”

As for Will himself, he has sparked plastic surgery several times, even when he appeared on Big Brother throughout the years.

He is 47 years old and has managed to keep a youthful face which many men of his age would be jealous of.

Fans react on Twitter

Shortly after Will’s appearance on Big Brother, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts about his face and users have flooded the site with their speculations.

A number of Twitter users have slammed other people’s tweets, saying that it’s a personal choice when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Check out some reactions down below.



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