Chocolate lovers went crazy for Channel 5’s new show, which looks inside Hotel Chocolat HQ.

Coming to our screens just in time for the cooler season, the second episode showcased the chocolate company’s hot chocolate maker. And as expected, several viewers automatically wanted the velvetiser for themselves.

We don’t blame them!

So where can fans buy the hot chocolate maker? Find out how to purchase the equipment – so you can make those hot choccy drinks at home!

Screenshot: Hotel Chocolat: Unwrapped, Episode 2, Channel 5

Hot chocolate maker on Hotel Chocolat: Unwrapped

The hot chocolate maker – which is technically called a velvetiser – is introduced as a new piece of equipment, and staff are trained on how to use and demonstrate it. It features a removable whisk that froths up your drink!

But the developer behind the machine, Hotel Chocolat executive chef David Demaison, is the person giving the instructions where the demo hot chocolate maker has arrived.

So, to make the hot chocolate, you pour milk in, then the chocolate sachet, and press the on button!

Buy the Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate maker

The at-home chocolate system can bought on the Hotel Chocolat website for £99.95, which includes 2 free limited edition pod cups worth £20.

It comes in a range of colours, from copper, charcoal and white. However if you want to buy the starter kit with the different hot chocolate flavours, the price rises.

Ranging from £20 to £53 for the different starter packs – which include classic and milky options – it can add up to over £152.

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Fans react to the Hotel Chocolat velvetiser

Chocolate fanatics haven’t been able to resist buying the chocolate maker! After a brief scroll on Twitter, it’s clear that the majority of buyers do think the machine is truly worth it.

One wrote: “I have one of the Hotel Chocolat velvetisers, and it’s great. Hot chocolate is my thing after freezing cold wet runs so I can stick it on while tipping the water out of my running shoes etc.”

While another said: “Time to buy yourself a Hotel Chocolat velvetiser, it has revolutionised my hot chocolate world.”



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