Series 14 of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 kicked off in January with a fresh batch of male and female contestants entering the house.

An all-female line-up – marking the centenary of the female vote in 1918 – first passed through the doors before eight males joined the gang on day four.

Tensions have been high with differing opinions on every subject matter from politics to gender fluidity. In other words, it’s another classic CBB.

The final is set to commence on Friday 2nd February, so here’s the full list of male Celebrity Big Brother 2018 contestants and who has been evicted so far.

EVICTED: John Barnes

If you fail to recognise John Barnes as a former England International and Liverpool midfielder, you should at least know his four-verse masterclass on a New Order track.

The iconic footballer from the 1980s and 1990s became an online cult hero after performing his 16-line rap from the song World In Motion on any occasion the general public asked him too.

Like on a train, for example.

CBB: Ginuwine.
CBB: Ginuwine.

EVICTED: Elgin Baylor Lumpkin 

You’ll notice we are going with real names, although you’re not expected to know of Elgin without his prefix of ‘Ginuwine’.

Start by drawing a spider diagram from the movie Magic Mike and you will soon come to the song ‘Pony’. From here, you’ll get to Ginuwine, who released the song along with a selection of top-selling R&B singles in the 1990s.

Outside of music and the 47-year-old has fathered nine children with five women. Let’s hope he keeps things under wrap during his time in the house.

CBB: Daniel O'Reilly.
CBB: Daniel O’Reilly.

EVICTED: Daniel O’Reilly

Comedian Daniel O’Reilly is better known as Dapper Laughs, a popular character he plays on YouTube and across various social media sites.

However, controversial jokes about rape saw his first and only TV show axed, before a black-lash of public venom soon followed.

Dapper Laughs has established himself on brash, offensive and often sexist humour. Let’s see what Daniel O’Reilly brings to the table.

EVICTED: Johnny Mitchell

CBB: Jonny Mitchell.
CBB: Jonny Mitchell.

Jonny Mitchell has been described as both a Love Island rat and Love Island lad, but it’s not down to throw down a label.

Infamous for breaking the heart of 2018 Love Island sweetheart

Camilla Thurlow on the hit ITV show, we know exactly what to expect from Mr Smooth Operator.

The 26-year-old is uncontrollably flirtatious and fired up the pot of sexual tension from the moment he waltzed in.

EVICTED: Andrew Brady

Andrew Brady provided a breath of fresh air for those who find Alan Sugar’s BBC The Apprentice an absolute snooze fest.

CBB: Andrew Brady.
CBB: Andrew Brady.

The 2018 The Apprentice contestant livened up the show with an undeniably laddish, energetic and cheeky personality.

This included a reported quick fling with a fellow contestant, grinning at Lord Alan as if the two were about to board a plane to Magaluf, and having a general twinkle in the eye that nobody could take seriously.

Andrew and Jonny will put CBB in a frenzy.

Wayne Sleep

CBB: Wayne Sleep.
CBB: Wayne Sleep.

A former dancer in the Royal Ballet, Wayne has built an impressive CV of reality TV roles since retiring from the stage.

He’s featured on BBC’s The Real Marigold Hotel, Celebrity Masterchef, The Chase and has now found himself tip-toeing into the Big Brother house.

Openly bisexual and married to husband José Bergera, the 68 year old is a lively character for his age.

Shane Lynch

CBB: Shane Lynch.
CBB: Shane Lynch.

If there is one thing the UK adores, it’s a former boyband member.

Ex-Boyzone heartthrob Shane Lynch boasts six UK number one records from his time as a pop star, and Big Brother wasted no time time in reminding the world of his talents.

The tattooed singer made at least three contestants cry during his heartfelt rendition of No Matter What as he won the talent show competition.

Parting from wife Sheena White and their two daughters however, it’s set to be a rollercoaster journey for the born-again Christian.

CBB: Courtney Act.
CBB: Courtney Act.

Courtney Act

Meet Courtney. She entered the house in a skirt. Her skirt fell down. Her genitals were on display.

Nevertheless, fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will be cheering on Courtney no matter what wardrobe malfunctions may be chucked in her way.

CBB: Courtney.
CBB: Courtney.

Courtney is the alter-ego of Shane Jenek although he describes himself as gender fluid and prefers the pronoun they/them when not in drag.

Who are the female contestants? Click here to find out about the eight female Celebrity Big Brother women.

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