There is only one thing that Natalie Nunn wants to do with her time inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Well. Besides p*ss everyone off and be the first one evicted, of course.

No, the American reality TV star wants to show off her twerking skills. Although Natalie is 33 years old and not 16, twerking is very much part of her personality.

Just take a look at her Instagram account…

U.K do You Love Me?

Taking on that god-awful Kiki Challenge, Natalie of course improvises and throws in her own boots shake.

Titled “Jacob, do you love me?”, her husband probably does love her.

Ask the U.K general public the same question though…

Bad Girls Club

Famous for her role on U.S reality TV series Bad Girls Club in 2009, there were two things Natalie was famous for.

One was fighting.

The other was twerking.

What more could you want in a girl?


Okay, so reading the caption on this Instagram post is likely to make you spew.

Some people like to share everything on social media. Natalie Nunn is definitely one of those people.

Having just returned from a night out, Natalie’s Insta caption read:

When you come home to DADDY and he wants it nice and slow on the ?? #slowmotion #latenightworkout.”

How Not to Approach the Red Carpet

Splitting her skimpy Batwoman costume, here’s Natalie Nunn showing everyone how not to approach a red carpet event.

Don’t wear anything overly revealing.

Don’t cause unneeded attention.

Don’t twerk, Natalie!


The reason behind Natalie’s obsession with twerking stems from her large bum.

And said large bum stems from her workout routine.

Natalie can be seen promoting her ’30-day bigger butt’ workout across Instagram. Looking at the vids, it seems that wiggling your bottom in public will make it blow up like a balloon.

You know what to do… get your wriggle on!


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