CBB: How much weight did Sally Morgan lose?

The Celebrity Big Brother house must be a pretty easy place to gain weight. You sit around all day with not much to do, eating and snacking the time away.

That would probably be a concern for some celebs going into the house, but not for psychic Sally Morgan! The confirmed Celebrity Big Brother star has had a dramatic weight loss!

Mrs Morgan shed a massive 16 and a half stone!

Well, we know we aren’t psychics like dear Sally but we certainly didn’t see that one coming…

How Much Did Sally Morgan Weigh Before?

At her heaviest, Sally weighed a whopping 27 stone. She recalls beginning to put on weight at the age of 32 and, slowly but surely, grew larger and larger as the years went by. Do you think she ever had a vision that she’d weigh 27 stone at some point in her life? Probably not.

Oh, and 27 stone is the equivalent of 1,736 blueberry muffins. In case you were wondering.

How and Why Did Lose the Weight?

Psychic Sally lost the weight primarily through a gastric bypass. She felt herself a little too old to be able to do “the whole exercise thing” and lose weight that way, so the bypass was really the only option, particularly as her weight was beginning to affect her health.


She had what she described as a “little heart scare,” which was enough for her to reconsider her lifestyle and eating habits. Sally’s heart is now in good condition, thankfully, and she is looking much the better for it.

How Much Weight Did Sally Morgan Lose?

16 and a half stone. 88 kilos. 1,093 blueberry muffins… a hell of a lot of weight!

Bravo, Sally. Bravo.



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