Chloe Ayling has officially entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The 21-year-old undoubtedly has the most peculiar ‘claim to fame’ out of all the celebs after she kidnapped in 2017.

According to the glamour model and social media star, she was lured to a fake modelling shoot in Milan, Italy, before bundled into the boot of a car and kidnapped.

Chloe remained captive at a remote farmhouse for six days, where she was put on the dark web for £250,000. Eventually, her kidnapper set her free to the British Consulate after realising that he wasn’t going to get the money.

However, not everyone believes her story. Here are five things you didn’t know about Chloe Ayling!

1. Chloe’s Kidnappers Say She Was Part of the Deal!

Some people doubt Chloe Ayling’s story due to the kidnapper’s confessions in court.

In June 2017, Polish Lukasz Herba was jailed for 16 years and nine months for Chloe’s kidnap.

However, Lukasz claimed that Chloe was in on the whole thing and that she wanted to raise her public profile. He stated that they planned the kidnap together after meeting on Facebook.

Chloe was also pictured holding Lukasz’s hand the day before her release, although Chloe claims that she befriended the kidnapper in order to manoeuvre her release.

2. You May See Her on Netflix

All celebs on Celebrity Big Brother have motives behind their move into the house.

Evidently, Chloe is looking to clear her name and win over those who doubt that her kidnapping was a farce.

It looks like she has one eye on an acting career, too!

Chloe’s agent, Adrian Sington, told the Daily Star: We’ve got a major meeting with a television production company. It’s not just Netflix.”

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3. Chloe Deleted Her Old Instagram Account

The glamour model made a bold move following the kidnapping ordeal.

Perhaps to prove that she wasn’t in it for the fame, she deleted her old Instagram account, which had 312,000 followers at the time.

Now, Chloe only has a small portion of that, with a 36k fanbase built up from April 2018.

Screen Shot: Chloe Ayling Instagram, follow @chloeayling97

Screen Shot: Chloe Ayling Instagram, follow @chloeayling97

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4. She Was Linked to David Walliams

According to reports, Chloe may have been secretly seeing Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams.

After liking several of her Instagram posts – you know, as you do – David reportedly arranged to meet up with her.

A source told the Sun: David orchestrated the meeting and arranged for her to visit his London home. He is intrigued by her story and has clearly taken a shine to her. It’s a case of waiting and seeing if their relationship grows from there.”

5. Chloe Has a Son

Chloe Ayling has a son, who is two years and nine months old.

Ex-boyfriend Conor Keyes is the father, who had some unsavoury things to say about Chloe following her kidnapping, stating that Chloe never rushed back to see her son.

Conor told the Daily Star: She can come and see him (baby Ashton) whenever she wants to but the thing is I am still waiting for her to do that.”