Celebrity Big Brother: 7 things you didn't know about Ben Jardine!

Celebrity Big Brother: 7 things you didn't know about Ben Jardine!

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother kicked off on Thursday 16th August.

Season 15 has its fair share of controversial characters. And it looks like celebrity housemate number nine is one of them!

This is Celebrity Big Brother: 7 things you didn’t know about Ben Jardine!

1. Ben Jardine Became Famous on Married at First Sight

Ben rose to ‘fame’ following his appearance on Channel 4’s Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight sees singletons marry a complete stranger based on scientific analysis of their personalities.

Ben was paired with Stephanie, and they were the only couple to tie the knot.

Channel 4 Married at First Sight s3 e1

2. He Then Dumped His Wife on the Radio

Things didn’t quite go to plan with Stephanie, though.

Although on their wedding day Ben was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, his wife actually learned of their imminent divorce via the radio.


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3. Ben Jardine Cheated in the First Week of Marriage

Ben has been pretty honest about his antics… whether that makes it better or not!

He cheated on his wife within a week of marriage.

Now, Ben is known as a love rat, although he prefers the term, ‘love mouse’.

Again… whether that makes it better or not!

Channel 4 Married at First Sight s3 e1

4. Ben is a Qualified Electrician

This is possibly the most normal thing we know about ‘cheeky chappie’ Ben.

He’s an electrician. A job choice that couldn’t be more fitting considering Ben is such a live wire!


5. Boxing is Ben Jardine’s Hobby

All that energy has got to go somewhere!

It looks like Ben’s an avid boxer.

After those moves on his way into the Celebrity Big Brother house, we’re not surprised.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 e1

6. Ben Jardine is 36 Years Old

He might be as hyperactive as an overtired toddler but Ben is actually 36.

On entering the Celebrity Big Brother house he said to presenter Emma Willis:

I’m like a prairie dog Emma. I’m very excitable.”

7. Ben’s Not in it For the Money

Ben said that he’s doing Celebrity Big Brother so that people get to know the “real him”.

He was dubbed a love rat following his behaviour after Married at First Sight.

And we’re not sure the public is ‘team Ben’ just quite yet.

Time will tell if Mr Jardine can win over the public’s heart.

Nevertheless, as Benny Boy would say – Carpe Diem.




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